Bloody Mary

The Bloody Mary is the quintessential and classic brunch cocktail that has stood the test of time. With its unique blend of bold, spicy, tangy, and savory flavours, this refreshing and reviving vodka cocktail has been a staple of brunch menus and late-night bars for decades. For those who want to indulge in a flavourful and complex vodka cocktail, Bloody Mary is the ultimate pick-me-up that is sure to satisfy any cravings.

Ciroc vodka is the perfect choice ingredient for this cocktail recipe. Made from French grapes, this ultra-premium vodka boasts a smooth and subtly sweet taste that pairs perfectly with the other ingredients in this classic vodka cocktail. But what sets the Bloody Mary apart is its mix of bold and savory flavours. From the tangy tomato juice to the spicy horseradish and the umami-rich Worcestershire sauce, each ingredient adds its distinct element to the drink. And let's not forget about the kick of heat from the tabasco sauce - it's just the thing to awaken your taste buds.

Today, the Bloody Mary is the most beloved brunch cocktail around the world, with countless variations on the classic cocktail recipe. But at its core, this vodka cocktail is all about bold and bracing flavours, perfect for a lazy weekend morning or a night out on the town. So why not pick up your bar tools and spirits, mix up a delicious batch of Bloody Marys for your next brunch gathering and see why this classic vodka cocktail has stood the test of time?


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  1. Choose a highball glass and rub a juicy lemon wedge around the rim of the glass to moisten it. Then, pour some salt onto a small plate and roll the outer edge of the highball glass in the salt until it's fully coated. This will create a nice salty rim that adds flavour to the cocktail.
  2. Fill the salt-rimmed glass with ice and set it aside. This will help to chill the glass and keep your cocktail nice and cold.
  3. Grab a mixing glass large enough to accommodate all the ingredients and fill it with ice. Measure out 60 ml of Ciroc vodka, 120 ml of tomato juice, 2 dashes of tabasco sauce, 1 tbsp each of Worcestershire sauce and horseradish, and 1 pinch each of black pepper, paprika and salt. Add these ingredients to the mixing glass.
  4. Using a bar spoon, gently stir the contents of the mixing glass until they are well combined and chilled. Be careful not to over-stir, as this can dilute the flavours of your cocktail.
  5. Use a cocktail strainer to pour the mixture into the prepared highball glass, making sure to avoid getting any ice or pulp in the drink.
  6. To finish off your cocktail, add a celery stalk to the drink at an angle to garnish. This not only adds a nice visual touch to the cocktail but also enhances the flavour. Additionally, you can also add pickle spear, green and ripe olives, and cucumber slices as a garnish.

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