Feeling Blue

A more modern variation, such as this Feeling Blue, got increasingly popular over time. Sugar was added to balance the flavours, and then the egg white component was added for a creamy finish and crisp foam. There are a few crucial factors to the perfect Feeling Blue for dinners and relaxing after a long day. Shake the egg whites twice to fully emulsify them for a beautiful smooth finish. When egg white drinks sit for too long, they might develop a faint sulphur odour without aromatics. To keep the drink fresher for longer, always serve it with bitters or garnish it with citrus. That's all!  Now go get a tall glass of Feeling Blue and beat those blues.


  • Check off ingredients
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Fill a cocktail shaker halfway with ice

Add all the ingredients

Shake hard to mix all the ingredients

Strain into a glass, remove the ice and shake again without ice

Strain and serve

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