14 Simple DIY Decor Ideas For Your Home Bar

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A home bar is the perfect place not just to entertain but show off your personality. Just as you can be a classic cocktail enthusiast, a lover of neat pours or a true wine connoisseur, similarly, your aesthetics could vary from modern elegance to minimalistic designs, to a splash of colours.

Monochrome As A Muse

You can paint your cabinet and other hardware in a steely blue or any colour you prefer to give your home bar a distinct and modern look.

Wall Inset

You can have exquisite wallpaper designs and have the shelves inset within the wall, so the entire wall acts as a stylish mini-bar. The background looks ornate and the glassware adds to the shimmer.

Colour-Coordinated Cabinets

If you have a bar cabinet, you can mix and match the colours of their doors. You can combine black, white and wooden cabinetry or go for bold colours that will pop. You can also take a safe bet and have a glass cabinet and show off your beautiful glassware.


Place striking elements like unique lighting fixtures in the space. Let the lighting add to the atmosphere you want to create. You can get very creative with the placement and colours of lights that you install.

Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are widely popular. They can be used in any kind of room, including the space where you entertain and have set up the home bar. You can go for an intricate design or graffiti-inspired design. You can also personalise the decor. For instance, if you are a sports enthusiast, you can put up posters of your favourite sports personalities. 


If you are a connoisseur of arts, hang your favourite painting(s). You can also put up classy installations that exude your artistic side.


You can extend your bar by adding stylish-looking racks. You can hang your glassware from these racks, or place liquor on it you would like to present.

'Sink' In Style

Install a prep sink. You can elegantly use your sink as an ice bucket. The sink will provide a dual role to craft cocktails and wash dishes as well.


Mirrors are a decorator's favourite element to spruce up your home. Based on the space they are fitted in, they can play with the light and impact the perception of the size of the room as well. Put up mirrors cleverly to get the look you want to achieve for your home bar.


What's the best way to bring out the essence of your home bar? Your collection of alcohol. Take out the well-aged scotch, wine or whatever you think mirrors your liking.    


Got a green thumb? Make your love for nature work for you! Keep potted plants on the bar top or if you are going with taller plants place them near the cabinet. The greenery in your home bar will give a refreshing vibe.

Small Appliances

Fill up the home bar space with a wine fridge, an ice maker, a sink and a small dishwasher. This mixes style with functionality. And makes for a nifty little home bar.

All That Glitters

If you like a little bit of bling, go for gilded glamour for your home bar. Incorporate gold elements in the space. You can have gold-accented lighting, in the hardware and even in the tabletop decor. You can also include gold-rimmed glassware and a gold ice bucket to add that glitz to your bar.

Repurposing Furniture

You can turn a closet into a bar cabinet! Install cabinets, racks, shelves in your closet and repurpose your furniture for your home bar. You can help the environment while designing your home bar. Similarly, you can use a slim table as a bar counter. Just add a couple of bar stools and your home bar is complete. If you have a lot of space in your basement, you can use these pieces of repurposed furniture to create a cool bar right below your living room.


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