3 Whiskies Perfect To Unwind After A Long Day!

3 Whiskies Perfect To Unwind After A Long Day!

If you are looking for a perfect whisky that will help you unwind after a long day, then you have arrived at the right place! We have curated a special list of 3 whiskies that are sure to lift up your spirits and thrill your senses. Without much further ado, let’s dive right in!

Relax and Unwind: 3 Whiskies for a Perfect End to Your Day

1. Johnnie Walker

Johnnie Walker
How could we think of Whisky and not Johnnie Walker at the same time? It’s the world’s highest-selling whisky and surely has very good reasons for being every whisky connoisseur's favourite!  Johnnie Walker boasts a rich heritage, intricate flavours and exceptional craftsmanship that sets it apart from the rest. Johnnie Walker has a wide assortment of blends that caters to various tastes. Here are a few that you can try:

(i) Red Label - It’s vibrant, fruit-forward with a hint of smoke. One of the best-selling scotch whiskies, Red Label is perfect for those delectable whisky cocktails! 

(ii) Black Label - Sweet vanillas meet the delicate hints of orange zest and spices, all held with a lingering finish of smoke and peat. This blend is also one of the best-selling scotch whiskies!

(iii) Blue Label - It’s an elegant blend of the world’s rarest and most exquisite whiskies. It has a rich honey sweetness with hints of pepper and dry fruits and perfectly balanced soft smoke.

(iv) Double Black - This whisky combines Black Label and exceptionally peaty malt whiskies and is aged in deeply charred old oak casks. The result is a remarkable blend that is rich in peat and smoke, with hints of sweetness and pepper.

(v) Blonde - Perfect for crafting delectable whisky cocktails, Blonde is a sweet surprise wrapped in an enticing note of berries, sweet vanilla, apple and caramel.

2. The Singleton

The Singleton
If you are looking for a whisky that is all about elegance, then it’s The Singleton!  It’s a premium brand that offers a range of single-malt whiskies which are diverse in flavour, age & finish. The Singleton single malt whiskies are made for indulgences and the meticulously crafted flavours are bound to delight even the most discerning palate. The Singleton of Glendulan series features three whisky variations:

(i) 12-Year-Old - It’s an easy-to-enjoy single malt whisky with notes of luscious brown sugar, apples, and creamy toffee. 

(ii) 15-Year-Old - It's a fruity decadent single malt whisky with flavours of spicy coriander, zingy pepper, honey, and creamy caramel.

(iii) 18-Year-Old - It’s smooth and sublime with flavours of sweet, stewed fruits, rich berries, dark toffee, and silky honey.

3. Talisker Whisky

Talisker Whisky
Known for its unique maritime character, Talisker is a single malt whisky made by the sea and meant for adventurous souls. Produced at the distillery by the Isle of Skye, Talisker whisky has a touch of ruggedness and a peppery flavour profile that is heightened by the smoke. Talsiker has a wide range of offerings based on maturation and flavour profile. Some of the notable ones are:

(i) Talisker 10 Year Old - A powerful single malt with a sea-salty nose, spicy and smoky-sweet character

(ii) Talisker Skye - A comforting whisky that is smoky and peaty with notes of citrus, dry oak, apples and lemon pepper.

(iii) Talisker Storm - A perfect balance of peak, smoke and salt. It’s fiery, intense and has notes of apple, citrus, banana, and brine with hints of pepper.

(iv) Talisker Dark Storm - Matured in heavily charred oak, this whisky boasts a complex flavour profile of sweetness, smoke, fruit and spice.

After a long tiring day, when you finally get a chance to kick back and relax, there is nothing as comforting as a dram of whisky to lift your spirits! We believe these whiskies will surely ignite your taste buds and rejuvenate your senses. So the next time you need some downtime, you know exactly which whisky to pour for yourself.

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