5 Boozy Sugar Cookies To Eat Your Alcohol

By: Shireen Jamooji

boozy sugar cookies

There’s something so luxurious about baking your own sugar cookies. The process of combining all your ingredients with love, filling your home with the smells of warm sugar and vanilla, and of course that first bite of fresh cooie, still warm from the oven. Fresh cookies never go out of style, but you can definitely update their flavours as you go, and for a more adult treat, boozy sugar cookies are the ultimate decadence. 

What Are Sugar Cookies?

Sugar cookies are similar to 'twice-baked' biscuits. They consist of sugar, flour, butter, eggs, and a selected raising agent, such as baking powder or soda.

Typically infused with vanilla, sugar cookies are rolled out and shaped using a cutter. With a higher ratio of flour to butter, they possess a robust and crisp texture, making them ideal for decorative embellishments.

What Makes Sugar Cookies The Perfect Base For Booze?

Who wouldn't appreciate a classic sugar cookie with an edge of adult flavours? With a slight crispiness on the outside and a chewy interior, these cookies are truly exceptional and make for the perfect base for a boozy dessert for a few reasons.

Optimal Texture: The cookies boast a perfect balance – not overly thick, not excessively thin. Enjoy the delightful combination of sugar-crusted edges and crackly centres that will undoubtedly have you reaching for seconds.

Adaptable Flavour: Aside from delightful buttery goodness, you can pretty much add anything you want to a sugar cookie without compromising on its appeal.  

Effortless Preparation: With just a handful of uncomplicated ingredients, you can effortlessly bake a batch of these timeless cookies in under an hour.

Prolonged Freshness: Experience the joy of soft and chewy cookies that maintain their delectable texture for up to 5 days – if they’re not all gone by then.

Rum Raisin Sugar Cookies

Amp up a classic holiday flavour in a sugar cookie by adding a cup of Captain Morgan Dark Rum-soaked raisins into your sugar cookie dough for a subtle yet rich flavour. Add in warming spices like cinnamon and nutmeg and with the warm undertone of rum, they add to the sweetness of the cookie, creating a sophisticated twist on the classic sugar cookie.

Whiskey Maple Walnut Cookies

The natural smoky notes of Signature Whisky are the perfect addition to elevate your nu-driven sugar cookies. By blending the robust notes of whisky with the sweetness of maple syrup and the crunch of walnuts, this combination creates a harmonious balance of flavours, making each bite a refined treat.

Bailey’s Irish Cream Chocolate Chip Cookies

Who says chocolate chip cookies have to be boring? With the creamy richness of Baileys Original Irish Cream which is infused with notes of chocolate and vanilla, your sugar cookie batter will be good enough to eat before it even reaches the oven. Amp it up further with decadent chocolate chips for a luscious, velvety cookie with a hint of Irish charm.

Gin and Lemon Shortbread Cookies

For a fresher, more zesty take on a cookie experiment with a gin-infused sugar cookie base and add a burst of freshness with lemon zest. The botanical notes of Tanqueray gin combined with the citrusy brightness of lemon create a light and refreshing sugar cookie experience.

Drunken Snickerdoodle

Snickerdoodles are one of the most universally loved cookies with their soft chewy centre. Amp it up to an adult-level treat with a splash of Captain Morgan Dark Rum which gives it a unique spiced nature that pairs wonderfully with the cinnamon notes of the cookies and a deep delicious tone of dark rum. 


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