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Kacchi Kairi Mocktails: 5 Recipes To Bookmark For Summer Pool Parties

5 Mocktail Spins To Kacchi Kairi Delights For Your Summer Pool Parties

Summers mean pool parties, barbecues, garden gatherings and most of all, chilled drinks. From iced teas to sherbets, there are a number of cooling and hydrating drinks that are devoured in this season to beat the sweltering heat. These are drinks full of tangy and sour ingredients like limes, pineapples, oranges and mangoes that load you up with electrolytes and leave you feeling hydrated and refreshed.

Among the many drinks that are prepared as summer specials, one seasonal fruit which is the pride of the tropics is the mango. Even before it has fully ripened, the kacchi kairi or raw mango is often used to prepare tasty sherbets or panna, a sweet and sour drink that mixes the fruit with sugar and some spices.

The tangy green mango has many uses in regional cuisine. Its distinctly mouth watering taste is quite irresistible and the fruit is often enjoyed as a snack lathered in salt and chilli powder. Raw mangoes are also widely used to make pickles in summer that last us through the entire year. But various raw mango mocktails are undoubtedly among the highlights of the summer season because they are absolute elixirs devoured as the sun comes bearing down on you.

Read on below to know more about the different raw mango mocktails you can prepare when you next decide to host a pool party or a large gathering at home:

5 Mocktail Spins To Kacchi Kairi Delights For Your Summer Pool Parties

Raw Mango Mint Cooler

Raw mango pairs really well with other refreshing ingredients like mint and lime juice. One drink that favours the rejuvenating herb is the raw mango and mint cooler made by mixing the pulpy syrup made out of this fruit with some crushed mint leaves. You can either add lots of chilled water to this recipe or drop a generous number of ice cubes into a highball glass before filling it up with the mocktail. The drink can be prepared in large batches and poured into glasses when guests start streaming in.

Raw Mango Ginger Fizz

Another delightful pairing brings together spiky ginger and raw mango in a delicious fizzy mocktail. You can add ginger beer or ginger ale to a shaker and infuse it with some aam panna concentrate to introduce sweet and sour elements into the blend. Add saffron to your aam panna so that its deep yellow and orange hues spread through the mocktail too, imbuing it with a rather mystical quality.

Spicy Kairi Panna

A sultry drink on summer evenings is a sweet and spicy kairi panna which is essentially a variation of the traditional aam panna. The raw mango drink is extremely popular across various regions in the Indian subcontinent and so are the myriad twists introduced in the recipe. One such concoction is the spicy version which involves adding a dash of red chilli powder or paprika into the drink. The spicy notes give it an enhanced texture and add a heightened layer of flavour to the otherwise sweet and sour mix.

5 Mocktail Spins To Kacchi Kairi Delights For Your Summer Pool Parties

Virgin Kairi Mojito

Kairi mojito is a splendid cocktail but its non-alcoholic counterpart is just as delicious. For those moments when you want to cut down on your booze, this drink can be your go to alternative, particularly at a summer gathering. The virgin raw mango mojito is complete with the freshness of mint and the fizz of soda along with the sweetness of simple syrup and the tanginess of raw mango pulp that gives it a very wholesome touch. You can sip on this rejuvenating mix while you read a good book by the poolside.

Mangorind Dark And Stormy

A thoroughly appealing combination, raw mango and tamarind come together in this non-alcoholic dark and stormy mocktail to bring to you a drink that is rich and refreshing. The tangy notes of both these ingredients coupled with a splash of ginger beer and just a hint of rock salt added make it a thorough explosion of flavour perfect for summer chaat nights.


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