5 Must-Try Old Fashioned Cocktail Variations

The Old Fashioned Cocktail Cover

Even to this day, cocktail connoisseurs absolutely adore the classic whisky cocktails. Whether it’s seasoned bartenders or enthusiastic home bartenders, crafting these elegant cocktails at home is always something they love. Amid the sea of whisky cocktails, the Old-Fashioned Cocktail stands as a timeless icon. It is the epitome of both unrivalled elegance and enticing flavours. But what if we told you there are a few exciting twists that you can try on this?

Yes, we have compiled a list of five delectable twists on the classic Old-Fashioned that are sure to elevate your cocktails at-home experience.

The Old Fashioned Cocktail: 5 Delicious Twists To Try

1. Old-Fashioned But Warm

Old-Fashioned But Warm
This delightful blend of flavours will surely take you back in time. A warm old-fashioned cocktail combines the robust notes of whisky with the sweetness of orange and cherry. It creates a harmonious balance of flavours on the palate. Topped off with warm water, this whisky cocktail offers a comforting and soothing experience. It’s perfect for cosy evenings or chilly winter nights!

Here’s how to mix this cocktail at home:
- Place a sugar cube in an old-fashioned glass and add 3 dashes of bitters over it
- Next, add an orange slice, cherry, and a splash of soda
- Muddle the ingredients and remove fruit remnants
- Pour 60ml of whisky into the glass and top off with warm water
- Garnish with a slice of orange and a cherry

2. New Old Fashioned

New Old Fashioned
The new old-fashioned cocktail offers a delightful summer twist to the classic whisky cocktail recipe, infusing it with fresh and vibrant flavours. Instead of the usual ingredients, this refreshing version incorporates the sweetness of ripe blackberries and the juicy goodness of peach slices. The combination of these fruity elements adds a burst of flavour that perfectly complements the smoothness of the whisky.

Here’s how to mix this cocktail at home:
- Place a peach slice, a few dashes of bitters, and 15ml of simple syrup in an old-fashioned glass.
- Muddle the ingredients to blend the flavours.
- Pour 50ml of whisky into the glass, along with some ice cubes.
- Add a splash of sparkling water.
- Gently stir to combine the ingredients.
- Garnish with a peach slice and blackberries.

3. Cinnamon Old Fashioned

Cinnamon Old Fashioned
Indulge in the warm and inviting flavours of a Cinnamon Old-fashioned cocktail. This delightful cocktail combines the rich depth of whisky with a touch of sweetness from the cinnamon-infused simple syrup. As you take a sip, the hints of cinnamon dance on your palate, creating a cosy and comforting sensation. The aromatic oils of orange peel add a refreshing citrus twist, perfectly balancing the drink. Garnished with a cinnamon stick, this enchanting whisky cocktail recipe offers a harmonious blend of flavours that will transport you to a place of pure delight.

Here’s how to mix this cocktail at home:
- Pour 50ml of whisky, 2 dashes of bitters, and cinnamon-infused simple syrup into an old-fashioned glass
- Add a large ice cube to the glass and stir gently to combine
- Squeeze the orange peel over the drink to release its oil, then add it to the cocktail.
- Optionally, garnish with a cinnamon stick.

4. Chocolate Old Fashioned

Chocolate Old Fashioned
Indulge in the decadent flavours of the Chocolate Old Fashioned. This exquisite whisky cocktail delicately blends the velvety richness of chocolate-infused whisky with the subtle notes of orange and cherry. As you savour each sip, the essence of orange and cherry delivers a burst of fruity sweetness, elegantly enhanced by the depth of chocolate bitters. The smooth and indulgent flavours dance on your palate, leaving a delightful impression.

Here’s how to mix this cocktail at home:
- In a rocks glass, muddle a slice of orange, a cherry, and 2 dashes of chocolate bitters
- Pour 60ml of chocolate-infused whisky into the glass
- Add ice to the glass and stir well to combine
- Garnish with an orange wheel
- Optionally, get creative with chocolate garnishes such as rimming the glass with chocolate or dipping the orange wheel in chocolate for an extra touch of indulgence

5. Coffee Old Fashioned

Coffee Old Fashioned
Indulge in the rich and invigorating flavours of the Coffee Old Fashioned. This captivating whisky cocktail brings together the smoothness of whisky with the delightful combination of crème de cacao and chilled espresso. As you take a sip, the robust coffee notes intertwine with the subtle sweetness, creating a delectable blend that awakens the senses. The perfect marriage of coffee and whisky in this cocktail recipe takes the senses on a journey of indulgence and caffeinated delight.

Here’s how to mix this cocktail at home:
- In a cocktail shaker, combine 45ml of whisky, 15ml of crème de cacao, 45ml of water, 30ml of chilled espresso, 15ml of simple syrup, and 2 dashes of bitters.
- Shake the mixture vigorously to combine.
- Strain the mixture into an old-fashioned glass filled with ice.
- Garnish with coffee beans for an aromatic touch.

These twists are sure to breathe new life into the classic old-fashioned whisky cocktails. As you can see, with a dash of creativity and a sprinkle of imagination, the old-fashioned cocktail evolves into something extraordinary. Savour the unexpected, explore uncharted flavours and let your palate be captivated by the magic of mixology.