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5 Refreshingly Crisp Cucumber Cocktails To Sip On

By: Shreya Goswami

Cucumber Cocktails

Think about cucumbers, no matter which variety you have access to, and the first thing that comes to mind are salads. Sure enough, cucumbers do make for great salad ingredients thanks to their crispy and refreshing flavours and high water content, but did you know that these very features (and more) also make cucumbers perfect additions to cocktails as well? Just like incredible spirits like vodka, gin and tequila, cucumbers offer a neutral, clean canvas for experimentation, which allows the vegetable to be paired with any number of cocktail ingredients! 

Not only does the natural freshness of cucumbers pair excellently with plenty of spirits and mixers, but their crispness also adds much-needed texture, making cucumber cocktails a delightful venture in the world of mixology. From garden-inspired classic cocktails for your summer parties to innovative infusions for gourmet gatherings, from revitalising coolers to classics for backyard barbecues, cucumber cocktails are quite vibrant and versatile. What’s more, they are quite easy to make too! 

Wondering how to give the humble cucumber a classy makeover to create world-class cocktails? Here are some options you can explore. 

1. Cucumber Gin & Tonic 

If you love the classic Gin & Tonic then you will surely enjoy this refreshing twist that the addition of cucumber brings to the cocktail. Combining the botanical essence of good quality gins like Tanqueray and Gordon’s with cucumber gives this classic a modern upgrade that can be served up at summer parties everywhere. To make this cocktail, place a few slices of cucumber in a cocktail glass and muddle them. Pour in 50ml gin, 100ml tonic water and ice cubes, stir and then garnish with fresh mint leaves and a wheel of cucumber. Serve up and enjoy this refreshing drink. 

2. Cucumber Mint Cooler 

Another revitalising cucumber-based cocktail that celebrates the essence of the vegetable, this one can be made with vodka like Smirnoff or Ketel One. To craft this one, you first need to place a few cucumber slices and mint leaves in a cocktail shaker and muddle them. Alternatively, if you are making a large batch, you can also grind these two together and place a tablespoon of the mix in a shaker. Now add 50ml vodka, a dash of simple syrup and ice cubes and shake vigorously to infuse. Strain the cooler into a tall glass and garnish with mint leaves and cucumber slices.  

3. Cucumber Martini 

Turn your classic martini into a cocktail that is as cool as a cucumber with cucumber-infused vodka. To make this vodka infusion, just muddle a few cucumber slices and add Ciroc vodka and let it steep for a day or two. Strain the infused vodka, then pour in 50ml of it in a cocktail shaker with 10ml dry vermouth and ice cubes. Shake well to infuse further, then strain the blend into a martini glass with cucumber slices as garnish. You can also add a dash of lemon juice to add a bit of refreshing tang to the cocktail.  

4. Cucumber Margarita 

Love a classic margarita cocktail? Well, the simple addition of cucumbers turns this one into a delicious, summery cocktail that is truly transformative. The mild sweetness of cucumbers balance out the citrusy tartness of lime juice, making this the most refreshing cucumber cocktail there is. To create this one, add 50ml tequila like Don Julio, 25ml lime juice and 25ml triple sec into a cocktail shaker, then add in a few muddled slices of cucumber and 5ml cucumber essence. Shake the mix with ice cubes for a few seconds, then strain into a margarita glass full of crushed ice and a salt rim. Add a twist of lime and enjoy this bold drink. 

5. Cucumber Elderflower Fizz 

Sophisticated, bubbly and utterly fun to sip on, this flavourful cucumber cocktail slays because of its incredible floral notes. The combination of cucumber, elderflower liqueur and gin is simply delicious. Add to that some sparkling wine for effervescence, and you have a total winner at hand. To make this cocktail, mix 50ml cucumber juice, 25ml elderflower liqueur and ice cubes in a shaker. Strain the liquid into a champagne flute, then top it up with 150ml sparkling wine. Garnish with a ribbon of cucumber for greater impact.  

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