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5 Slow Sipping Tanqueray No. 10 Cocktails To Elevate Your Evenings

tom colins

When it comes to cocktails, it’s all about savouring the moment. From the first sip to the last drop, a great cocktail can take you on a journey. Gin is the spirit of the season, and worldwide, it’s making its way from bar menus to home bars as people get more adventurous with their cocktail creations. But like laying the foundation for a beautiful home, a beautiful cocktail starts with a quality gin so when you’re looking to build a collection that can work for any occasion.

The ideal gin for a slow-sipping cocktail is one that has its own identity, but that’s also mellow enough to play nicely with other ingredients. So whether you’re enjoying it on the rocks, with a splash of tonic or using it to invent a flavour kaleidoscope, the right gin will be up for the challenge. 

Tanqueray No. 10 Gin is a great starter gin for people who like to craft cocktails which can accompany them through the evening. Be it an intimate house party or just a quiet evening sundowner after a long day, its flavours are wonderfully versatile. 

Tasting Notes

Juniper-led with brighter notes of citrus in the form of lime and a hint of red grapefruit, it has a clean flavour with a long finish. The moderate warmth that fades into earthy undertones makes it perfectly paired for a weekend cocktail session in the sun. 

What’s In A Name?

Though the name suggests otherwise, Tanqueray No. 10 actually features only eight botanicals and includes chamomile and three citrus notes over and above the traditional ones of juniper, coriander, liquorice and angelica root. The name itself comes not from the flavours but the experimental still in which it was distilled, which has been affectionately named “Tiny Ten”.

So once you’re ready with your gin, all that remains is a touch of creativity to turn it into the perfect sippable companion. To get you started, here are a selection of simple and timeless gin cocktails that you can try. 

5 Gin Cocktails To Sip On 

Gin Highball: 

Simple is sometimes the need of the hour and a highball ticks all the boxes when you need something straightforward but chic. A highball can be made with any spirit – whiskey, vodka, gin or even a liqueur – and is served over ice. A Gin Highball is a refreshingly easy and made with gin and soda. It's served over ice and garnished with a citrus twist or wedge. The result is a crisp, effervescent drink that celebrates the unmistakable Juniper notes in the Tanqueray No. 10.

Classic Gimlet: 

It may have started as a prescription drink, issued by a British Navy doctor to increase the sailors' Vitamin C intake in the 19th century, but it has since become a beloved staple of the classic cocktail menu. The blend of lime juice, typically sweetened with a touch of simple syrup perfectly complements the citrus notes in Tanqueray No. 10. It delivers a perfect balance of tartness and sweetness, creating a zesty and easy-to-enjoy drink.

Dry Martini: 

Bond may have made this drink famous, but its been working its charm on people for many years before 007 made it cool. When it comes to a ‘wet’ vs. ‘dry’ martini, it’s simply a reference to the amount of Vermouth used. A Dry Martini would typically have less vermouth and be more gin-forward and fall somewhere in the range of four to eight parts gin to one part vermouth. Typically, a martini is garnished with a green olive or a lemon twist (or a pickled onion to make it a Gibson, if you’re feeling really daring!). The result is a sophisticated, smooth, and slightly herbal cocktail.

Tom Collins: 

This now classic cocktail may have been named after a prank that was common in the 1800s, but it’s no joke how quickly it caught on and became an instant hit. Falling on the sweeter side of the gin sipping cocktails the Tom Collins is a sparkling concoction that combines gin, lemon juice, sugar, and soda water. It's poured over ice and garnished with a lemon slice and maraschino cherry, though since maraschino cherries have waned in popularity, many bartenders opt to skip it these days. This cocktail offers a delightful citrusy and effervescent experience that enhances the base notes of the Tanqueray No. 10.


The Negroni may be considered a classic, but it has recently been enjoying a revival as one of the trendiest cocktails on the bar counter. Composed of equal parts gin, Campari, and sweet vermouth, it’s designed to create a harmonious blend of flavours with the gin adding a clean, botanical backbone, while Campari adds a bitter kick and the vermouth adds a smooth, sweet note to balance the bitterness. This timeless drink is typically garnished with an orange peel or slice, offering a delightful burst of citrus aroma. 


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