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6 Chicken Starter Recipes Tailored For Spirits To Spice Up Your Night

6 Chicken Starter Recipes Tailored For Spirits To Spice Up Your Night

Chicken recipes and spirits generally pair well because the spicy and tangy spices in which the chicken is marinated complement the intensity of the liquors enjoyed neat or blended into delicious cocktails. And when you are hosting a cocktail evening, chicken starters are your best bet to lay out a delectable spread of munchies that can be savoured with a sour and tart cocktail in hand. Chicken starters tailored to pair with spirits can be very sumptuous snacks too, that can fill you up without leaving you feeling too stuffed.

During cocktail hour, chicken starters paired with drinks is also the perfect hosting idea so guests can avoid scrambling for dinner after they leave your party. Deep fried, grilled or smoked in the tandoor, when chicken is cooked to perfection it will acquire a soft pink hue and a sweet taste that is characteristic of this bird. Such vibrant, perfectly cooked small and medium sized bites can be gorged on with lip smacking dipping sauces and chutneys that add an appealing aroma and vibrancy to every bite.

Read on below to know more about some of the chicken starter recipes that pair splendidly with different spirits:

6 Chicken Starter Recipes Tailored For Spirits To Spice Up Your Night

Chicken Lettuce Wraps

When you are sipping on an intense spirit like whisky or bourbon, you could opt for a slightly fresh appetiser to undercut some of the smokiness in the spirits. Chicken lettuce wraps prepared by stuffing shredded chicken seasoned with spices and cream into the crispy leaves will be a refreshingly crunchy dish that cleanses your palate in between mouthfuls of liquor.

This starter contrasts the deep bitter and citrusy notes of whisky cocktails too so you can serve a tray filled with lettuce wraps or rolls at your next cocktail bash featuring this spirit.

Spicy Jerked Chicken

Jerked chicken is essentially chicken slow cooked over a fire or grill until it acquires the perfect pink cook. Generally, jerked chicken is a spicy offering and is prepared by marinating the bird in paprika, peppers, cajun and a whole host of other herbs and condiments. These intense chicken drumsticks or thighs served with a side of garlic mayonnaise go well with smoky and earthy spirits like tequila or whisky to complement their nutty and oaky tastes.

You can also pair jerked chicken with fruit cocktails for a blend of spicy, sweet and sour flavours.

6 Chicken Starter Recipes Tailored For Spirits To Spice Up Your Night

Murgh Tandoori

Sipping on a classic cuba libre prepared using premium Captain Morgan Dark Rum, cola and a lemon wedge garnish would be incomplete without tandoori chicken thighs and mint chutney. The tandoor gives your marinated chicken a smoky appeal complementing the earthy and bitter notes of a quality dark rum. When murgh tandoori is paired with fresh salad, your palate can experience an inviting crunch between morsels of succulent chicken. The dark rum and cola mix also helps to tone down some of the spiciness of this classic south east Asian delicacy.

Buttermilk Fried Chicken Tenders

A traditional recipe perfect for informal cocktail evenings, you can enjoy buttermilk fried chicken with a side of mayonnaise or mustard and a sprinkling of paprika while sipping on a frothy beer. Chicken tenders that make a crunch sound are thoroughly comforting delights that would automatically put a smile on your lips. Beer elevates the sweet, juicy and slightly spicy qualities of this fried dish relished during summer weather.

6 Chicken Starter Recipes Tailored For Spirits To Spice Up Your Night

Chicken Lollipop

Another classic south Asian delight, chicken lollipop is the perfect bar bite that can accompany your glass of single malt or whisky when you are next hosting an intimate cocktail evening. Pair your 30 ml peg of Johnnie Walker Gold Label with chicken drumsticks marinated in spicy dressings and deep fried until they are a crispy golden brown to enjoy a coming together of some really intense flavour notes.

Ghee Roast Chicken

A delicacy with origins in Mangalorean cuisine, you can prepare ghee roast chicken as a spicy starter that contrasts the sweet and tangy flavours of many fruit forward cocktails like daiquiris or a piña colada. The dish which oozes with ghee or clarified butter has a luxe appeal and a slightly tangy finish that makes it a seductive offering as a bar bite on cocktail evenings.

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