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6 Ghoulishly Good Cocktails For Your Horror Movie Marathon

By: Shireen Jamooji

horror movie cocktails

If you’re looking to enjoy a horror movie in all its glory. You better be watching it at home. With the packed seats and bright lights of a cinema, those nail-biting moments just don’t hit quite right. And of course, watching it at home means you have access to all your favourite refreshments. And since you’ve already invested time into creating the right atmosphere, it’s only fitting to follow through with your food and drinks, making them a part of the ultimate horror movie experience. 

6 Cocktails For Your Next Horror Movie Marathon

Corpse Reviver

As the name suggests, this cocktail could literally wake the dead. With a potent blend of orange liqueur, an infused white wine and a touch of absinthe, the Corpse Reviver was often ‘prescribed’ by well-meaning bartenders to their patrons who got a little too inebriated the night before. It's known for its citrusy and herbal notes, making it a refreshing choice despite its morbid name and makes for the perfect grizzly addition to your horror screenings. 


The Zombie was created in the mid-1930s when a bartender tried to give his hungover customer a refreshing fruity drink with alcohol as a pleasant ‘hair of the dog’ cure. But apparently, the customer came right back a week later and reported that he’d been like a zombie all week, thanks to how well all the mixed fruit juices and grenadine disguised the taste of the dark rum. So if you’re tired of just watching zombies and want to feel like one, here’s your chance…if you dare. 

Rusty Nail

If you’re a fan of the 2018 horror blockbuster A Quiet Place, you already know where this is going. This simple yet bold cocktail is traditionally made with Scotch whisky and a honey and herb-flavoured liqueur. It's known for its warm and slightly sweet taste. Its comforting flavours and warm embrace of whisky might be just what you need to get through a rewatching of that stomach-churning scene in the movie, or just the whole movie if we’re being honest. 


No you might be wondering what this iconic trendy cocktail of the 2000s might be doing on a horror list, well the answer lies in its colour. One of the most iconic horror movies of all time is The Exorcist and one of the most unforgettable (trust us, we’ve tried) scenes is where possessed protagonist Reagan spews green vomit on everything and everyone within reach. In the movie, they used pea soup as the stand-in, but we thing this vodka and apple schnapps mix tastes better. Just don’t think to hard about what it looks like. 


If you’re watching The Ring and you’ve only got seven days then you might as well have seven 7&7’s – try saying that ten times fast. This straightforward yet classic highball cocktail is a mix of whisky and lemonade, creating a simple and refreshing mix. Despite being a pretty simple mix, the combination of the whisky's smoothness and the citrusy effervescence makes it an easygoing and enjoyable drink especially if you have Samara after you.


One of the most basic rules of being in a horror movie – after staying in the haunted house or going into the woods after dark – is to not fall asleep. Whether it’s Freddy Krueger, The Blair Witch or Leatherface, if everyone in your group falls asleep, then someone’s sure to get you. And if you’re in the middle of a movie marathon, we’re guessing you don’t want to fall asleep either and this spirited coffee cocktail can help. Hot coffee mixed with a spirit, often brandy or rum with sugar or vanilla it’s a popular choice for those who need a kick of caffeine with a touch of boozy warmth.


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