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These 6 Premium Housewarming Gifts Will Grace Any Home Bar

6 Premium Housewarming Gifts To Elevate Your Home Bar Experience

When you are thinking of a housewarming present for a friend who loves to dabble in mixology, look no further than barware and accessories which are going to light up their liquor cabinet. In fact, mixology enthusiasts or connoisseurs of fine spirits are some of the easiest species to shop for because there are so many bar accessories and customised bar tool options out there that you can choose from an array of goodies to kit your loved ones out when they move to a new home.

Some of these gifts like personalised decanters or bottles of quality whisky are elegant, premium gifting alternatives, yet there are other quality presents to choose from too, in order to elevate the home bar experience of those starting a new life in their new abode. Such presents are ideal options because every connoisseur will have room in their new home for a bar, however small it might be and would be eager to stock the new liquor cabinet up with lots of different mixology contraptions.

Here are some gifting options you can choose from when you want to present premium barware or bar accessories as housewarming presents to adorn a new liquor cabinet:

Coloured Martini Glasses

Out of all the premium glassware options available, go for something eclectic like coloured martini glasses so you end up gifting something slightly different and fun to your mixologist friend. Rocks glasses or Glencairn glasses are your usual suspects but while serving martinis, pouring them into colourful glasses will give the cocktail concoction an usually intriguing appeal. As well, when flavoured martinis are fashioned or when one wishes to experiment with different martini recipes, the glasses can be set out to celebrate these cocktail offerings inspired from a classic recipe.

6 Premium Housewarming Gifts To Elevate Your Home Bar Experience

Comprehensive Cocktail Mixer Set

This is a must have for any mixology enthusiast so if your friend is moving into a new home, you might want to consider gifting them this set readily available in online and offline stores. What will determine whether this gifting choice is a premium and luxurious experience is how comprehensive the cocktail mixer is. Try to incorporate all essentials including bar tools such as a shaker, strainer, jigger and a mixing spoon so you end up presenting a kit containing the basic tools required to prepare interesting cocktails.

Marble Champagne Bucket

If you want to splurge big time, you might want to check out this quality barware which will also act as a home decor item adorning a corner of a home bar. The marble champagne bucket can be filled with ice to cool a premium bottle of bubbly on festive and celebratory occasions and on every other day, it can remain perched atop a shelf or a stand proud as an extraordinary permanent resident of your loved one’s art collection.

6 Premium Housewarming Gifts To Elevate Your Home Bar Experience

Mixology Bitters Bottles

Have you ever spotted those tiny vials containing bitters at any fancy liquor store or wine shop? These are your bitters’ bottles that would make for thoroughly fun housewarming presents for a mixology enthusiast. Alternatively, you can also get these glass bottles customised by engraving the family name of your friend or relative onto each one before filling it up with quality bitters that are wonderful additions to several cocktails.

Elegant Cocktail Picks

Most housewarming presents are so designed that they add charm and elegance to the new space while symbolising homeliness and abundance. One such beautiful present is kitschy cocktail picks adorned with some figure like a cherry or lemon on top. Cocktail picks made out of glass or metal are reusable and become one of those items which will be an artistic fixture of a home bar, whipped out on special occasions.

Crystal Decanter With Customised Heads

This one is a no brainer. When you want a customised present as a housewarming option, you cannot go wrong with a crystal decanter bearing the family name or moniker of the one you are gifting it to. You can have some fun with its lid by making a customised head shaped like a horse, a cock or even a dragon.


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