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6 Savoury Ice Creams (With A Boozy Hit) That You Must Try

savoury ice cream

Gear up for the advent of the “new ice cream era,” – a world of frozen delights where the barriers of flavours are increasingly being pushed. Goodbye vanilla and chocolate – it’s time for savoury, hot, and bitter ice creams. Come with us on an amazing trip where we explore six unusual ice cream varieties that will change your perception of the dessert!

Fiery Chilli Chocolate Explosion

This spicy creation blends chocolate’s lush indulgence with a bold red chilli kick. Be ready for a symphony of flavours when the chocolaty richness transforms into an aftertaste packed with subtle heat. This is an audacious mixture that promises to bring a unique satisfaction to your ice-cream adventures.


- Melt 200 g of Cadbury Silk chocolate.

- Add a teaspoon of red chilli sauce.

- Mix with vanilla ice cream until smooth. 

- Freeze for an explosive chocolate experience.

Ciroc Coconut Spice Sensation

Embark on a peppery journey with the Ciroc Coconut Spice Sensation. An infusion of 60 ml Cîroc vodka adds a luxurious touch to this coconut-infused creation. 


- Blend 60 ml Ciroc vodka into coconut ice cream.

- Add a pinch of your favourite spice blend – choose a mix of mild (cardamom, cinnamon, etc,) and hot (black pepper, paprika, etc) spices.

- Freeze for an exotic, luxurious treat.

Tangy Citrus Zest Bliss

Our Tang-flavoured citrus ice cream is a tasty surprise that promises a spur of zestiness for those who love a dose of extra tartness. The light notes of citrus provide a refreshing and pleasing surprise to your taste buds. What could be better on a sweltering summer’s day than an ice cream with zing?


- Infuse Tang into your favourite citrus juice

- Mix with a classic ice cream base

- Freeze for a zesty, refreshing treat on sunny days

Tanqueray Tea Elegance

For a botanical twist, have you considered the Tanqueray Tea Elegance ice cream? This creation combines the herbiness of Tanqueray and the mild bitterness of tea. The result is an aromatic ice cream that will instantly transport you to a lush garden, one spoon at a time.


- Steep your favourite tea blend as required.

- Add 30 ml of Tanqueray gin to the infused tea.

- Mix with a creamy ice cream base.

- Freeze for an aromatic, botanical ice cream experience.

Smoky Bourbon Infusion

Enter the realm of classiness with this Smoky Bourbon Infusion. The smoky appeal of Johnnie Walker mixes beautifully with the velveteen flavour of vanilla. The sophistication of a good-aged spirit is echoed with this frozen treat.


- Combine 60 ml Johnnie Walker with vanilla ice cream.

- Allow the smoky notes to meld overnight.

- Indulge in a refined bourbon-infused frozen delight.

Captain's Salted Caramel Symphony

The Captain’s Salted Caramel Symphony will take you on an exploration of uncharted flavour territories of velvety caramel ice cream spiked with Captain Morgan’s spiced rum. The result is a boozy extravagance that is elevated by a pinch of sea salt, resulting in an irresistible combination of sweetness and salt.


- Infuse 30 ml of Captain Morgan's spiced rum into caramel.

- Swirl into the ice cream.

- Sprinkle sea salt to create a sweet and salty masterpiece.

A Symphony of Flavours

Delighting in savoury ice creams is a journey of pleasure, an expedition not just for indulgence but for relishing its intricately crafted flavours. When enjoying scoops infused with alcohol, remember to do so in moderation, appreciating the craftsmanship behind each mouthful.

Savoury, spicy, and bitter – welcome to a whole new realm of frozen temptations. Whether it's chilli-chocolate or tea-infused, these unconventional ice creams will dance on your tongue. So, grab a spoonful and dive into the unexplored territory of your taste buds' fantasies.


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