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7 Grown-Up House Party Games For Your Next Gathering

7 House Party Games

If you are planning a house party — with or without cocktails — having a selection of games will ensure the fun never flags. All you need is a couple of playfully naughty games, a creative mind, and a dash of moxie!


You can start with this simplest party game of all, though it does need a head for numbers. (But only in the most basic of ways!) The first player in the group starts by calling out the number 'one', the next player ‘two’, and so on, until it’s the turn of the seventh player, who has to yell out “buzz!”. So every multiple of seven gets the “buzz” treatment. The player who accidentally says the number out loud instead of “buzz” has to take a shot (if you’re not serving spirits, then a non-alcoholic alternative with a kick — like a Spicy Jalapeño Mule Mocktail — should do the trick). The low stakes of the game ensure everyone is willing to participate, and it helps get everyone to let their hair down.

Never Have I Ever

This popular drinking game — sometimes called “I’ve Never…” or “Ten Fingers” is the best way to bring out unknown facets of your guests. Each player has to declare out loud that X is something they have never done (the more shocking or embarrassing the declaration, the better!). For instance, “'Never have I ever had a crush on my teacher”. From among the other players, whoever the statement is actually true for, gets a pass. But for the folks who can’t make a similar claim in good conscience, it’s time to down a shot! This game gets even better when you whose secrets you can spill, whilst making them blush!

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Two Truths And A Lie

This is another fun game where you get to know your guests a little better. Here, players take turns narrating three things about themselves: two of these are made-up, while one is a fact. The others must guess which is the truthful claim out of the three. If they get it right, the player downs a shot. If the player gets away with their lies though, the others have to drink the shot instead. 


Pictionary is a timeless game that works with nearly every kind of crowd and gathering. This game can be played in groups of two and more. One player from the team picks up a card bearing a particular word from the Pictionary deck. Then, he/she must attempt to convey what the word is to their teammate, but only by means of a drawing. Watch the energy rise as folks rush to guess the right answers, often based on the sketchiest of doodles!

Drunk Jenga

Drunk Jenga is a game where Jenga meets Truth Or Dare. First, players need to write one Truth or Dare statement on each block. When a player pulls out any block, they have to perform the Truth/Dare challenge written on it, before placing the block on top.

Blindfold Cocktail Making Game

This game needs an accessory and several ingredients, but it's worth it!. First, group all players into pairs. One player must make a cocktail blindfolded while their partner has to guess its name. A grand mess is guaranteed — but so also is fun! 

Scavenger Hunt

Design a cocktail- or mocktail-themed scavenger hunt. Each team gets a list of ingredients for a drink, and must either find said ingredients and bring it back to you, or take a picture to prove they’ve located it. The team that is fastest — and most accurate — wins. 

If you’re coupling these games with cocktails, do ensure the liquid aspect of the evening stays within moderation. After all, unlike these stellar party games, a hangover’s no fun!

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