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7 Halloween-Themed Garnishes For Your Drinks That Spell Spooky

Halloween cocktail garnish ideas

A party in October is unthinkable without the Halloween theme! And when your decor shouts “spooky”, why shouldn't your food and beverages too? It is very easy to decorate your food with scary-looking elements but have you ever tried dressing up your cocktails too, to level up the frights? Fret not! Making Halloween-themed garnishes for your cocktail is extremely easy. It needs one or two ingredients at best. Bonus: your street cred as an edgy host gets a boost!

Halloween cocktail garnish ideas

The Floating Eyeball

Ah, the classic bloody eyeball in a drink! This garnish is easy enough to create, provided you have some lychees, blueberries, and nimble fingers. Peel and pit the lychee, then insert a blueberry within the hollow. Use a toothpick to hold the berry-and-lychee-eyeball together. Use it for red-coloured drinks and let the fright night begin!

Spooky Face

This garnish includes chocolate, so use it for drinks that pair well with the flavour. Dunk the rims of your glasses in melted chocolate or chocolate syrup so their edges have a wavy look. Then, use a piping bag or cone to “draw” crazy eyes, scary grins and other features, with melted chocolate. Serve a neon-hued beverage in this glass to max the horror. 

Halloween cocktail garnish ideas

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Chocoholics, rejoice! Here's one more Halloween garnish centred on chocolate. Simply melt some chocolate, and pipe it in the shape of a spiderweb on a sheet of baking paper. Once the chocolate sets, your garnish is ready to use. Handle with care though, so you don’t snap the “threads” of your spiderweb.

Creepy Crawlies

Where there are spiderwebs, can spiders be far away? Get some plastic spiders, freeze them in ice cubes and voila, there's a spooky spider bobbing in your cocktail!

Halloween cocktail garnish ideas

Full Moon

A garnish that spells Halloween *and* keeps your cocktail cold? This one is simplicity itself. Freeze clear drinking water in a spherical mould to for a perfect ice ball — aka the moon. Once set, pop it into a dark-hued cocktail from within which it can peek mysteriously. Will it make you want to howl like a werewolf? Well, you’ll just have to try it and see. 

Carved Pumpkin

Can you even call it a Halloween party if there's no carved pumpkin around? Here's a quick way to include carved pumpkins in your drinks! Use a cookie cutter or other sharp circular object to poke out a decent-sized round from a pumpkin. You should have a thick, flat, orange disc. With a knife, and exercising proper care, make gashes in the disc so it resembles a miniature carved pumpkin face. Prop on the side of your glass for that true Halloween touch. 

Halloween cocktail garnish ideas

Bloody Mess

This garnish uses an easy trick! Fill up syringes with raspberry puree. Let your guests use the syringes as stirrers for their drinks and watch them gasp as “blood” swirls through their glass!

Apart from these garnishes, you can always use food colour to enhance the Halloween-esque atmosphere, by adding hues like red, black and green to your cocktail or mocktail. Pair with Halloween-themed snacks (ghost marshmallows! vampire bat cookies!) to make your party truly spook-tastic. Enjoy!

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