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Plan The Cosiest Of Craft Nights With These 6 Crafty Tips

how to host a DIY crafts night for friends at home

When you have your best friends coming over for a casual hang, what better way to spend the evening than engaging in therapeutic arts and crafts while venting about a bad work week, a horrible date or a whiny toddler at home? Crafts night is great for a relaxing hang with your girlfriends too, where you can engage in conversation over a glass of merlot. Art therapy is also extremely cathartic so, when the night is over you might just go home feeling very jolly and you’d also have a cool artwork to show for it!

Planning a crafts night requires very little effort; in fact, shopping for stationery is an important task and that is just so much fun! You can make jewellery, origami, host a paint and sip night, or bring out adult colouring books for such artsy evenings.

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Read on for a quick guide on hosting a crafts night at home:

Assorted Crafts Ideas

Prep for assorted arts and crafts ideas which your friends can work on during the evening. If you are making jewellery or colouring books or painting bookmarks, lay out all the materials before the party starts. Decide on the number of activities when you have a final guest list so as to have enough craft items for a big group. For an intimate group, plan one activity so everyone can bond over crayons and paints.

Provide Cover-Alls

If you are working with paint brushes, glue, wax and soldering irons, make sure you provide your guests with cover-alls. A stubborn paint stain on a comfy jumper can be quite the buzz kill. You can either rent the cover-alls or simply ask your regular guests to buy a set if you plan on making crafts night a monthly tradition.

Cocktails Aplenty

A crafts night has to have plenty of margaritas, martinis, cosmopolitans so keep them rolling out of your home bar. If your guests are picky about their whisky, you can also issue a BYOB so they come armed with a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label or a Signature Premium Grain Whisky.

Serve Finger Foods

Crafts nights are about creating a relaxing and laidback vibe, so serve some easy to eat snacks like nachos, charcuterie, cheese platter, some salad and dips. You can also order pizzas once the evening is under way to binge on after you finish your paintings and set them to dry. Finger foods are easier to serve and require scant table settings leaving you with ample space in the living and dining room to work on your craft.

Comfy Ambience

A crafts night means gathering around a table, picking up scissors and cutting funny shapes out of waste paper! All you need for such a night of leisurely fun is an inviting space where guests can lounge in utter calm. Arrange plenty of pillows, throws and rugs in warm colours and have ample but soft lighting. You can also burn incense or scented candles (fire safety permitting) for a bit of faux aroma therapy!

Create A Crafts Station

Along with a comfortable setting, arrange a crafts station so all the stationery and crafts kits can be laid out in one place. You can shop for materials first and make little kits containing the DIY essentials to lay them out on the crafts station. Guests can come together on a long dining table or an ample coffee table to pick up their materials!

Concluding Words…

A crafts night is a relaxing and therapeutic way to spend an evening with some of your closest friends. It is also a time to bond and converse over colouring, painting and sipping on some premium wines. Go on, make a run to the store for some crafts supplies and get your art on!

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