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How To Capture Beach Vacation Vibes In A Glass: 5 Cocktail Recipes

A Beach Vacation In A Glass: Five Cocktails For Laid-Back Cheers

During summer, you can host a tiki or island themed party inspired by Hawaiian or Polynesin cultures to introduce a very laid back and chilled out vibe into your gathering. These parties are all about relaxing in hammocks and lounge chairs late into the night, sipping on delicious tropical cocktails that quench your thirst and counteract the rising heat.

These drinks brim with the aromas of fresh herbs like sage, basil and mint and the tangy tastes of citruses like oranges and pineapples as well as the zesty kick of liquors like tequila and gin.

Using a premium Gordon’s London Dry Gin to prepare cocktails that would remind you of such tiki parties is a splendid idea to pack the feel of a beach and the waves crashing on the shore into your glass. This spirit with its slightly herbaceous finish is a perfect beach spirit celebrated for its vibrant taste and freshness, much like a fruity and sweet Don Julio Blanco Tequila that can be brought together with different mixers to induce the feel of partying on a beach on an island in the Caribbean.

Read on below to know more about some of the tequila and london dry gin cocktails you can savour to relish the feels of a beach vacation right at home:

A Beach Vacation In A Glass: Five Cocktails For Laid-Back Cheers

Pear And Sage Gimlet

Gimlet is a traditional cocktail prepared using gin and lime cordial. Many variations of the gimlet abound and one such variety celebrating the flavours of the seashores and tropics would be the pear and sage gimlet prepared using fresh limes, pears, sage leaves and quality London Dry Gin. You can cut up the pears and add them to the drink and muddle in sage leaves so they release their umami flavour and intense aroma.


Another classic gin cocktail, this variety can be prepared using Gordon’s London Dry Gin to incorporate its mild finish and refreshing taste into a blend full of fruity and floral ingredients.

You can use basil leaves and tart grapefruit juice to induce a feeling of being on a sandy shore in summer where a dash of elderflower liqueur will add a floral element to the drink. The flowery liqueur and its pleasing aroma make it a sheer welcome during summer weather.

A Beach Vacation In A Glass: Five Cocktails For Laid-Back Cheers

Grapefruit Gin And Tonic

The mild yet crisp finish of Gordon’s London Dry Gin is the perfect flavour note required to prepare a cocktail featuring the tangy notes of grapefruit infused in a classic G&T. While gin and tonic might not necessarily remind you of the beach, adding a dash of sour and tart tropical fruit juice will introduce that zesty quality into the cocktail which is reminiscent of a day spent on the seashore savouring tangy summer fruits.

You can serve this grapefruit gin and tonic in a tall highball glass with a colourful umbrella for complete island feels.

Spicy Margarita

Go for a spicy variation of this classic cocktail instead of your classic blend so you can enjoy a delightful sweet, tangy and spicy flavour mix. A spicy margarita will often be served by the seashore as you lounge on a shack soaking in the summer sun.

You can prepare this drink using a premium Don Julio Blanco Tequila, some triple sec and lime juice and a few muddled jalapeños that add a spicy kick into the cocktail. Garnish the serving glass with a salt and paprika rim for an added layer of heat.

Tequila Sunrise

This cocktail simply spells beach fun and is often prepared at tiki themed parties to introduce a relaxed party vibe into the gathering. The drink also packs quite a buzz and would remind you of an evening spent watching the waves hit the beach. Prepare a tequila sunrise using Don Julio Blanco, some orange juice and lots of grenadine syrup for its sweet and tart taste.


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