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Ranch Water Isn't Like Other Tequila Cocktails; We'll Tell You Why

ranch water and tequila cocktails

Tequila cocktails are well favoured for their slightly sweet and intense taste and the sour, zesty mixers that go into crafting these various mixes. Often, tequila cocktails are celebrated because they pack quite a boozy kick and are favourites at any party or themed gathering when you are looking to have a merry time. But there are varied ways to craft these different tequila mixes which means they incorporate in their recipes lots of different ingredients and mixers that compliment each other to highlight layered flavours.

This appears quite contrary to the rather simple ranch water, a tequila cocktail made from simple ingredients like a blanco, lime juice and sparkling water. This is a straightforward mix that is known for its refreshing taste and rejuvenating flavours that despite their uncomplicated appearance manage to provide a very interesting cocktail experience. 

Here emerges quite a contradiction between a classic ranch water with origins in the Texan cowboy culture and other tequila mixes that are a fine balance of a plethora of ingredients like triple sec, agave, fruits, bitters and many more.

tequila cocktails

Layered Flavours

One of the primary differences that make certain tequila cocktails trump over ranch water is the slow build up of flavours. When a paloma is crafted using citrusy and tangy grapefruits, agave and lime juice, there emerges a rather complex blend complimented by the sweetness of a tequila blanco. However, there is less room for such experimentation when it comes to ranch water which has a distinctly pronounced lime flavour that offers little in the way of a vibrant touch for the taste buds.

Similarly, tequila blanco being a very versatile liquor is often incorporated in other cocktail variants containing a hint of rum or brandy giving them a very unexpected depth. Pitting ranch water against such a complex mix definitely means exploring a more diverse flavour profile than a simple coming together of three base ingredients.

Settings And Themes

While ranch water is excellent for an outdoor gathering or as a quencher at a summer barbecue, other tequila cocktails sing of beaches and warm climes, sea shores and tiki feels. Ranch water has a strong cultural association with the farms and countryside in Texas making it a sincere drink for the stout hearted but there are other tequila variations like the margarita or tequila sunrise which have more to do with a party setting.

So you can always opt for ranch water when you are hosting an intimate evening hang on a warm, summer evening with a close knit group but you would definitely want to experiment with more flavours and mixers like agave, citrus bitters and fruits like melons, oranges and grapefruit when you are hosting a full blown party. 

Several tequila cocktails like a cinnamon and tequila and even tequila and tonic can also be found in more high end, upscale settings where the liquor is part of a fine dine experience. However, when you seek a more rustic, classic and rather unpretentious evening, ranch water is your best friend. The ambience and setting of a gathering well play into the debate between a glass of ranch water and a pitcher of margaritas.

tequila cocktail variations

Aromatic Infusions

Making a simple ranch water involves mixing a splash of lime and sparkling water with tequila without any frills. But other tequila cocktails involve adding cordials and other aromatised wines or liqueurs which introduce some appealing fragrances into a mix.

That’s more points to other tequila variations which allow a wider scope for diverse, fragrant mixes that are appealing to our olfactory sensations. Ranch water on the other hand is a staple drink of the ranch men who would work in harsh, sweltering heat. It would beat the heat and become a quick, raw refresher.

So, the next time you have to choose between ranch water and other tequila infused drinks, you might want to look at your setting and the flavour diversity you can experiment with, before settling on your cocktail choice.

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