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A Serving Guide For Batch Cocktails: Get Your Scaling Technique Right

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Hello there, gracious host and cocktail enthusiast! Are you hosting again? Do you see yourself in the kitchen or at the home bar mixing cocktails ALL night or do you want to partake in the fun and play Cards Against Humanity? There’s a simple solution: Batch Cocktails. These are delicious, perfectly mixed, cocktails that you can prepare in bulk (your forearms can get that much-needed rest from shaking those cocktails) much before your guests arrive. But to ensure that nobody gets too giddy and that you don’t accidentally put more magic potion than needed, here are some things to consider while making batch cocktails. 

Choosing the Base 

It’s crucial to pick your base a.k.a the spirit or spirits that will make your cocktail. You’ve got rum, vodka, whisky, tequila, and gin to choose from. So, be sure to have selected your recipes in advance as well so that you don’t find the need to improvise because when it comes to cocktails, it leads nowhere good unless you’re a pro mixologist. 

Don’t Mess With the Ratio 

batch cocktail ratio

Once the base has been picked, it’s time for the mixers. The golden rule of mixologists is one part sour, two parts sweet, three parts strong, and four parts weak. To translate this into practice, if you’re making a mojito, you’ll need one part lime juice, two parts simple syrup, three parts white rum, and four parts club soda. This is not only the key to balancing the flavours, but also to making sure that the cocktail isn’t too strong when it comes to the spirit base. Let’s face it, even though it might be fun to see your stuck-up friend let loose, it’s not the most responsible or even ethical way to achieve that… 

Fresh, fresh, fresh!

Flavours and fresh ingredients will make the batch golden. Feel free to experiment with fresh fruits and fresh herbs and botanicals. You can put as many or as few as you desire. Be sure to refer to a couple of recipes to see what goes well because you don’t want to end up with a final product that’s hard to palate. 

Mix Well 

Once you’ve got the measurements, mixers, and fresh ingredients ready, be sure to mix them well and with care in a large pitcher or drink dispenser. These are both very easily available and you won’t have to burn a hole through your wallet while purchasing them. 

Scale With Care 

batch cocktail scale

This is really crucial and should not be a step that should be compromised in any way. Be sure to use measuring cups, and measuring spoons, and be as precise as the recipe dictates, especially when it comes to the spirit. 

Don’t Forget To Dillute And Chill 

These are both often overlooked but are so important. If your cocktail is tangy and citrusy or has soda in it, they will dilute the drink the longer the rest. So, perhaps you can add the soda just before serving and allow the mixture to chill for longer, That will also eliminate the need for ice and allow you to have the desired strength. 

Taste Test To Adjust  

Please taste your cocktail much before the party. It’ll give you plenty of time to make adjustments and figure out if you need to dilute it further or add more flavours. 

Present With Finesse 

batch cocktails presentation

Be sure that you don’t compromise on presentation. If you can and your budget allows, invest in some appropriate cocktail glasses – rock, highball, hurricane, or whatever you’re likely to use the most. Also, garnish your cocktails with some edible flowers, lime wedges or fruit slices if the cocktail permits.  It  adds a lovely touch. 

Be Responsible 

And finally, perhaps the most important part of the guide. Be a responsible host. If your guests have the propensity to get too giddy, lay our air mattresses for them to crash on. But definitely encourage them to savour each sip and take it slow rather than downing glass after glass.

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