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A Very Garnet January: 5 Colourful Birthstone-Based Drinks To Relish

By: Shreya Goswami

Garnet Cocktails

To many, birthdays are more than just a yearly opportunity for a party and presents, it's a chance to delve into the cosmic connections that shape your life. If you believe in astrology, then Zodiac signs are a wonderful way to explore your personality, and each month has its own special gemstone to make you feel treasured too. But who says that the only way to honour your birthstone is by wearing it? From fiery ruby reds to serene aquamarine blues, you can explore your spiritual connections through the world of colourful mixology with some unique, birthstone-inspired cocktails. 

Garnet, the birthstone associated with the month of January and those born during it, has a deep cultural and symbolic significance spanning centuries. The garnet derives its name from the Latin word, Granatum, which means pomegranate, because the gemstone looks like the beautiful seeds of the fruit. Throughout history, the garnet has been used across the world for its many perceived benefits. For example, the ancient Egyptians associated the gem with regeneration and protection, and often entombed their dead with it. In Medieval times, the garnet also found favour for its healing and protective properties.  

The garnet is linked to January-born individuals because it is believed that those born during this month hold friendship, trust and loyalty very dearly, and these values are symbolically represented by the garnet too. A timeless emblem of both strength and enduring camaraderie, this birthstone can be adapted into a number of cocktails and mocktails that are as vibrant, colourful and healing as the garnet itself is. Here are a few such drinks you can try. 

Garnet Cocktails 1

1. The Garnet 

Dedicated to and named after the birthstone, The Garnet is a modern classic cocktail created by Dale DeGroff in the mid-2000s. Fruity, floral, refreshing and known for its vibrant garnet colour, whipping up this cocktail with a gin like Tanqueray or Gordon’s is the easiest thing in the world. All you need to do is take a cocktail shaker and add 50ml of gin, 25ml of elderflower liqueur, 10ml pomegranate juice and 15ml lemon juice into it. Add ice cubes and shake vigorously to chill and blend the flavours, then strain the cocktail into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a lemon peel, watch the jewel-like hue of The Garnet cocktail and savour its sweet and tart delciousness.  

Garnet Cocktails 2

2. Blueberry Martini 

Sophisticated, vibrant and crafted by creating harmony between fruity sweetness and citrusy tang, this twist on the classic Martini has a stunning hue that resembles the garnet. Get good quality vodka, like Ketle One or Ciroc, to create this cocktail and pour in 50ml of it into a cocktail shaker. Add 25ml blueberry liqueur, 25ml lime juice and shake well with ice cubes. Pour the infusion into a chilled Martini glass with a salt and lime rim and enjoy the mesmerising deep purple hue of the drink. 

Garnet Cocktails 3

3. Pomegranate Margarita 

The garnet birthstone is named after pomegranate seeds, so naturally, you simply must craft a cocktail with this incredibly delicious fruit to enjoy as a January-born person. With its crimson colour, refreshing fruity taste and a slight punch of tanginess, this one is simply too perfect to miss out on. To make this one, get 50ml Don Julio tequila into a cocktail shaker with 50ml pomegranate juice, 25ml triple sec and 50ml lime juice. Add ice and shake well to infuse the flavours and get that signature colour, then pour into a chilled Margarita glass over crushed ice. Garnish with a wedge of lime or a few pomegranate seeds.  

Garnet Cocktails 4

4. The Sea Breeze 

Created with a blend of tart cranberry juice, citrusy grapefruit and smooth vodka, this incredible cocktail has a vibrant colour and flavour profile which reflects the essence of the garnet birthstone. Reminiscent of ocean breeze, this is the perfect vodka-based cocktail for January-born people to unwind with. To make this one, combine 100ml Smirnoff vodka with 100ml of cranberry juice and 50ml of grapefruit juice. Shake these ingredients with ice in a shaker, ensuring thorough blending and chilling. Pour into a tall glass and top with more cranberry juice and a wedge of grapefruit. 

Garnet Cocktails 5

5. Garnet Mocktail 

If you are celebrating Dry January or are a January-born teetotaler, you can still enjoy garnet-hued drinks at parties and events. This mocktail delights the senses with its harmonious blend of sweet blueberry, tangy pomegranate, and zesty lime, offering a refreshing and sophisticated beverage suitable for any occasion. Just infuse 50ml of pure pomegranate juice, 50ml of blueberry juice, 25ml of lime juice and a spoonful of muddled blueberries in a shaker with ice. Shake well then strain into a tall glass and allow the purple hue of the drink to shine through. Add a skewer of fresh blueberries to shine through and sip on to enjoy. 

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