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A Whisky Lover's Guide to Winter: Best Drams for Cold Nights

winter dram

Winter is here. It’s not just the woollen socks and fireplace logs that get their moment in the spotlight—it's also the season for whisky. For those who love a good dram, there's nothing quite like the heat and comfort of a rich whisky when the wind howls outside. Let us then introduce you to some of the choicest whiskies that are practically made for winter evenings.

Talisker 10: The Highlander

First, meet Talisker 10 Year Old, carrying with it the winds of the Isle of Skye's wild, sea-facing cliffs. With each 60 ml pour, you are getting a solid taste of peaty warmth served with a seaside zing. Imagine pairing it with a rich, creamy and sharp cheese for the ultimate experience.

Johnnie Walker Black: Your Trusty Companion

johnnie walker black

The Johnnie Walker Black Label comes with twelve years of maturity, turning each sip into a journey. With notes of dark fruits and smoke, it constantly reminds one of oak barrels, comforting for a cold night. Pair it with a square of dark chocolate; it’s simple, yet it feels like you've just cracked a well-kept secret.

Singleton Dufftown 12

And now, let’s welcome Singleton Dufftown 12 to the mix. It's as smooth as velvet, with a nutty-fruity character that soothes the senses. A modest nightcap of 60 ml is an ideal remedy for a cold night. Pair it with some dried fruit and roasted almonds and you've got more texture to engage with.

Winter’s Highlight: Godawan


The Rich and Rounded variant leaves a mark with its dried fruit notes, while the Fruit and Spice, with its cherrywood cask finish, shows complexity. Sitting back with a 60 ml glass on a snowy evening is perfect for winding down after a long day. Pair it with a plate of toasted cinnamon-spiced nuts and the evening transforms into an endless cuddle.

A Signature Solution

Signature stands out as a whisky that understands the winter vibe. An assertive blend of smoky and sweet notes, its subtle caramel hint welcomes you into the core of India’s strong whisky culture. Each 60 ml dram leaves you with a lingering peaty taste, best relished with a slice of gooey chocolate cake.

Cardhu Gold Reserve

Now, let's mellow things down a notch with Cardhu Gold Reserve. A natural for a quiet night, this one will likely sing you to sleep. It is gentle, with an undercurrent of spiced apple and home-baked goodies. 60 ml of this and a slice of warm apple pie hit just the right spot.

Non-drinkers’ nightcap: Spiced Apple Sparkler

It’s not like us to leave out the non-drinkers. An easy-to-put-together Spiced Apple Sparkler can be your winter potion. Mix apple juice with a hint of cinnamon, top with fizzy water, and you've got a drink that looks and (almost) tastes like whisky, minus the alcohol.

In the end, remember, whisky (or its non-alcoholic friend) is not the highlight of the night but a memorable sidekick. The star of the show is still the winter chill. Therefore, sip without rushing. Savour for as long as you can because winter nights can be long!



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