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An Amethyst For February: 5 Stunning Birthstone-Based Drinks

By: Shreya Goswami

Amethyst cocktails

To many, birthdays are more than just a yearly opportunity for a party and presents, it's a chance to delve into the cosmic connections that shape your life. If you believe in astrology, then Zodiac signs are a wonderful way to explore your personality, and each month has its own special gemstone to make you feel treasured too. But who says that the only way to honour your birthstone is by wearing it? From fiery ruby reds to serene aquamarine blues, you can explore your spiritual connections through the world of colourful mixology with some unique, birthstone-inspired cocktails. 

Amethyst, the birthstone for February, derives its name from the Greek word, Amethystos, which means “not intoxicated”. The ancient Greeks actually believed that the amethyst possesses the power to ward off drunkenness, making it a symbol of sobriety and clear-headedness. Legend says that Dionysus, the Greek god of wine, swore to unleash tigers upon mortals and Amethyst, a maiden devoted to the goddess Diana, prayed to her for protection. The goddess turned the maiden into a pure, crystalline form of gemstone to protect her, thereby creating the birthstone that is now associated with the month of February. 

The rich, purple-red hue of the amethyst symbolises clarity of thought, inner strength, and sincerity, making it a fitting talisman for February-born individuals. Cherished for its beautiful shades ranging from violet to lilac, this birthstone embodies a sense of tranquility, clarity and steadfastness. So, naturally, drinks inspired by this one reflect this essence of the gemstone. Here are some such cocktails and mocktails that you should try. 

1. The Amethyst 

A full-bodied cocktail, The Amethyst like its namesake is known for its clearness, purple hue, elegance and sophistication. Crafted with gin like Tanqueray and Gordon’s, this cocktail has a stunning appearance and layers of sweet and floral flavours. To create The Amethyst cocktail, combine 50ml of gin with 25ml of crème de violette liqueur, 25ml of lemon juice and ice cubes in a cocktail shaker. Shake vigorously to infuse, then strain into a cocktail glass and garnish with a lemon twist.  

2. Galaxy Magic Mule 

Truly cosmic and packed with the flavours of the finest, clearest vodka, this cocktail twist on the traditional Moscow Mule captures the very essence of the amethyst birthstone. Slightly whimsical and delicious to boot, this one is a must try whether you are a February-born person or not. To conjure the enchanting Galaxy Magic Mule cocktail, start with 50ml vodka, 25ml blue curaçao, and 25ml of freshly squeezed lime juice poured into a shaker. Mix and pour into a copper mug or highball glass, then add 150ml ginger beer for effervescence. Garnish the drink with a slice of lime and edible glitter. 

3. The Maleficent 

Known for its bewitching taste and bold, purple colour, this cocktail captures the spirit of the amethyst birthstone like no other. This drink marries the boldness of dark rum like Captain Morgan with the sweet intrigue of blackberry and the citrusy tang of lime. To make this one, pour in 50ml dark rum, 25ml blackberry liqueur, 25ml lime juice into a shaker filled with ice. Shake and infuse the ingredients, then pour into a chilled coupe glass. Garnish with a lime twist and enjoy the tangy-sweet flavours of the drink. 

4. Purple Rain 

This visually stunning cocktail that sounds like a song combines the sweetness of grenadine with the citrusy kick of blue curaçao and the tartness of cranberry juice, resulting in a refreshing and visually captivating purple drink. To create this one, start with 50ml Ciroc vodka, 25ml blue curaçao, and 25ml grenadine syrup shaken together with ice. While the vodka lends its clearness, the curacao and grenadine combine to create the cocktail’s signature purple gradient. Strain this one in a tall glass filled with ice and pour chilled cranberry juice on top to add to the Purple Rain effect. Garnish with a cherry on top and enjoy. 

5. Amethyst Mocktail 

A vibrant and refreshing amethyst-hued mocktail, this one is crafted with the harmonious blend of blackberry, pomegranate, blueberry, and lime. Sip and revel in its delightful sweetness and tangy complexity, enjoying a sophisticated and visually stunning non-alcoholic treat. To make this mocktail, muddle a handful of fresh blackberries in a shaker to extract their deep, rich juices. Then add 50ml of pure pomegranate juice, 25ml of blueberry syrup, 5ml lime juice and ice cubes. Shake well and pour into a tall glass with crushed ice. Top it up with a splash of soda water for a refreshing effervescence. 

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