An Easy 8-Step Guide To Sampling Premium Vodka

ciroc premium vodka

Premium vodkas differ widely from standard vodkas in terms of preparation, taste, and aftertaste. Vodka has a neutral taste. Since premium vodkas are infused with herbs or fruits, the taste is far more refined. They are made with the choicest ingredients, even grapes, as in the case of CÎROC vodka. They are distilled thrice to five times.

Hence, it is good to know the difference between standard vodkas and premium vodkas. Sampling premium vodkas is also another ballgame. Its aroma, taste, and texture differ from that of standard vodka. This article provides a step-by-step guide to sample premium vodka. 

Below is an eight-step guide for sampling premium vodka

The Right Glass 

The appropriate glassware to sample premium vodka is old fashioned glassware or any glassware with a wide mouth. They are designed to serve premium alcohol on the rocks or neat. The wide shape allows the drinker to take in the aroma, sip every drop and savour the spirit.


Hold a small pour of the vodka behind a white paper or to the light. Check the colour, clarity and luminescence of the spirit. Give the spirit a gentle swirl and observe how it clings to the glass. That will tell you if the vodka has thin or heavy legs.

A premium vodka will appear crystal clear and colourless and have thin legs. Take CÎROC vodka, for instance. It has a bright and clear look.

ciroc ultra premium vodka


Our olfactory senses hold the key to how we perceive taste, as per some experts. Premium vodka has subtle notes. For CÎROC vodka, watch out for clean flavours with lemon grass/lemon zest fragrance and a hint of sage spice after you gently swirl the contents of your glass.


Remember this: our palates aren't habituated to experience straight spirits at room temperature. So the first step would be to take a tiny amount of the spirit, swirl it in your mouth and then spit it out. Take the next sip immediately, this will help you grasp the subtleties.

Premium vodkas have a distinctive character. So expect evident flavours to stimulate your gustatory senses. For instance, CÎROC Apple has the recognisable juicy taste of bright green apples, with hints of vanilla and citrus. Meanwhile, CÎROC Red Berry exudes aromatic fresh berry flavours.

ciroc summer vodka

Texture and Mouthfeel

Premium vodkas are characterised by their fresh and silky mouthfeel due to their thorough process of distillation.


The aftertaste of premium vodkas should be clean. It should offer a fresh palate without any overtones of any flavour.


Premium vodka is best enjoyed cold. The optimum temperature for serving should be between 32-39 degrees Fahrenheit.

Palate Cleansing

Before moving on to sampling the next premium vodka, remember to cleanse your palate. This can be done through food such as white bread, crackers, fruits such as apples, pineapples, bananas and olives. Swirling some water will also help you clean your palate.

While it is alright to learn about and indulge in beverages sometimes, it always helps to consume alcohol in moderation. It is important to serve and drink responsibly. For that, one must adhere to the limitations set by medical experts. If you know someone who has trouble limiting their alcohol consumption, you need to refer them to a professional immediately. It is key to ensure that you are healthy and out of harm's way.