Are We Living In A Baileys Dream?

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Sometimes, trying to improve on perfection may seem like an unnecessary expenditure of time. This is exactly our sentiment when tasked with compiling cocktails that can be mixed with Baileys Original Irish Cream. Packed with the subtle notes of luscious cream, a whisper of cocoa and just a hint of sweet vanilla, Baileys Original Irish Cream is a liqueur that needs no companions. Except, of course, a glass stacked with ice. But if you’re in an adventurous mood and want to take things up a notch, we’re going to be supportive. In fact, we’ve cobbled together some lip-smacking cocktail recipes that not only celebrate but also accentuate the flavour profile of your favourite liqueur. Give them a go! 

Baileys Mule

Vodka lovers will swear by the subtle complexity of the clear spirit which is devoid of a distinct flavour and thus, is perhaps, most adaptable to being mixed with a range of drinks.

And while Russia and Ireland may be strange bedfellows, we’re daring to suggest a drink that packs the creamy, sweet notes of Baileys and the subtle punch of vodka to create something out of the ordinary. We’re sure this won’t disappoint.


20ml Baileys Original Irish Cream

20ml chocolate liqueur

20ml vodka (unflavoured)

60ml half and half



Add ice, vodka, Baileys and chocolate liqueur to a cocktail shaker

Shake vigorously till the ice is crushed.

Strain the contents into a tall glass filled with ice.

Pour the half and half into the glass and stir.

Serve immediately.

Nutty Naughty Shake

Spiking your milkshake with Baileys always seemed like a good idea. We’re sure if you’re into Irish cream, you’ve done your share of experiments with milk-based drinks. But we’re now urging you to consider a version that marries Irish cream with the nutty notes of hazelnut, the subtle punch of vodka and the wholesome comfort of whipped cream and vanilla ice cream. Yes, we’re not cutting corners and when we call a drink ‘naughty’, we’re going to prove it.  


25ml Baileys Original Irish Cream

20ml hazelnut liqueur

10ml vodka

1 scoop vanilla ice cream

Whipped cream (for garnish)


Pour Baileys, vodka, and ice cream into a blender.

Blend it till it acquires a smooth consistency.

Pour contents into a tall glass.

You can garnish this drink with whipped cream (optional).

Rum & Woke

No, we’re not suggesting a spinoff to the classic rum combo. What we’re offering is a chance to experience the drink that blends the caramel sweetness of dark rum with the sizzle of ginger ale, and the creamy equaliser of Baileys Irish Cream. This one is a soda float for grown-ups and is sure to win over rum drinkers looking for a welcome change. It also helps that this drink hardly requires any prep and is essentially a matter of assembling the ingredients.


30ml dark rum (we recommend Captain Morgan)

30ml Baileys Original Irish Cream

150ml ginger ale



Pour ice, rum and Baileys into a tall glass.

Stir the drink till the contents are mixed.

Top it off with ginger ale.

Irish Dream

Baileys fans have forever loved the range of possibilities that one can attempt by combining Baileys Irish Cream with coffee and/or coffee liqueur. We’re adding to that list with a drink that packs the kick of an Iced Americano while retaining the smooth and sweet consistency of Irish Cream. 


Half cup ice

1 cup freshly brewed coffee

40ml Baileys Original Irish Cream

100ml milk

A pinch of salt

Whipped cream (for garnish)


Blend the coffee with Baileys, ice, milk and a dash of salt till it becomes smooth.

Pour the creamy contents into a tall glass.

Top up the drink with whipped cream.

Bananalicious Bliss

Banana, coconut and Baileys Irish Cream can cumulatively transport you to a sandy beach where nothing hurts. And since we’re always dreaming of a holiday, here’s a drink that packs the comfort of a tropical island and tastes just right. Just remember to source some ripe bananas, or wait till the ones you have in stock turn ripe.


1 banana

40ml Baileys Original Irish Cream

50ml coconut cream (not coconut milk)

Ice cubes


Pour the coconut cream, Baileys and banana into a blender with ice cubes.

Blend till the drink reaches a smooth consistency.

Pour contents into a tall glass and serve immediately.

Remember, these Baileys cocktails may be dreamy indeed, but be sure to enjoy them responsibly — i.e, in moderation!

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