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Be An Expert: Here’s How To Drink Vodka Like a Pro

Drink Vodka Like A Pro

The Russian word ‘voda,’ meaning ‘water,’ is where the name ‘vodka’ comes from. This name was most likely inspired by the transparent liquid and bland aroma. Vodka, with its relatively flavourless profile, is the spirit of choice for countless mixed drinks. In most cases, grains like rye, rice and wheat, as well as vegetables like corn and potatoes, are used in the production of alcoholic beverages. Distilleries, however, have begun experimenting with grapes and apples in recent times. Unlike other liquors, vodka is a type of distilled spirit for which there are comparatively few rules, therefore distillers are free to experiment. One of the world's most consumed alcoholic beverages can be savoured in a variety of forms. Though it's popular to sip vodka straight, the spirit also makes for tasty cocktails when blended with other ingredients. Here’s how to know how to drink vodka like a pro.

How To Serve Vodka 

Vodka Quality Matters: When selecting vodka, it's important to choose a reliable brand. There are many good brands available; shop around until you find one you like. In terms of flavour, vodka is relatively flavourless because it is a neutral alcohol. That's why it's important to pick a bottle you'll enjoy sipping neat.

There are a few factors to keep in mind when shopping for premium vodka – Select a vodka that uses only the finest ingredients. Do your homework and choose a brand that meets your preferences among the many on the market that contain high-quality ingredients. The best vodka is one that has been distilled several times. This will make the vodka taste neutral and smooth.

Temperature of Vodka 

Vodka tastes better when chilled, so make sure to do that before you sip. When vodka is served at a cooler temperature, its nuances come through more clearly. Vodka is an exceptionally smooth spirit, and chilling it is an excellent way to preserve its flavour. When it comes to vodka, some individuals like it very cold, while others prefer it more room temperature. You should choose the option that appeals to you the most. Vodka is best served between freezing and minus four degrees Celsius.

Serve over Ice 

For the best experience, put the glass in the refrigerator to cool it down. Keep your vodka chilled and ready to enjoy. Add some ice in a glass; two or three cubes should do it for a standard glass. Fill the glass with ice, and then add 50 ml of vodka.


Garnishing your vodka is a delicious way to improve the whole drinking experience. Garnishes come in a wide variety, so you can pick one that complements your own tastes. Garnishing your vodka offers up a world of flavour possibilities, changing a simple spirit into a really delightful and personalised drink. Try adding a twist of citrus rind for a zingy kick, a plump olive for a savoury note, or a sprig of fresh herbs for a herbal aroma.

How To Enjoy Vodka 

Drink Your Vodka Straight:

Neat vodka is flavourless and robust in the mouth. Shots of vodka served at room temperature are a popular way to enjoy this alcoholic beverage. It's recommended to take it easy and use a tumbler glass when drinking premium vodkas.

Drink Chilled Vodka:

Vodka served cold is smoother and thicker than vodka served at room temperature. To serve vodka as ice cold as possible, either pour it over ice in a tumbler or chill a bottle in the freezer.

Vodka Cocktail :

Add vodka into a mixed beverage to improve its taste profile while simultaneously lowering the overall alcohol concentration of the drink. There are a variety of well-regarded vodka cocktails, ranging from simple versions like a vodka tonic with tonic water, to more intricate concoctions that involve multiple ingredients. Vodka is known to complement a diverse range of juices, such as orange juice, lime juice, grapefruit juice, and more.

Flavour the Vodka:

While you can certainly find flavoured vodka in stores, crafting your own infused vodka concoctions is a creative and rewarding attempt. Simply pour vodka into a sealed glass container, then add a variety of ingredients to infuse unique flavours. Some of the usual choices for vodka infusions cover thyme, cucumber, coconut, mint, and blackberries. If you prefer a sweeter twist, place a handful of gummy candies in a vodka-filled jar. After a few hours, you can remove the candies, now transformed into delightful, alcohol-infused treats, offering a sweet and fun twist to your homemade infusions.

Pair with Food :

Traditional Russian fare consists of plain vodka and zakuski, a type of appetiser. You can improve the vodka's flavour by eating it with a specific meal. Sausage, salmon, fresh cucumbers, olives and pickles are some of the dishes that pair nicely with vodka.


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