Best Cocktail Recipes For Every Party Out There

Unusual Tools & Tricks To Transform Your Mixology

Whether you are into party hosting or a home bartender yourself, you will always be in search of a good cocktail recipe. Cocktails are the spice of a great BBQ party and can completely change things around. Cocktail making is the essence of a wonderful host at a drink party. This blog is for you if you've never mixed a cocktail before.

Best cocktails for a home bartender

If you, too, wish to become amazing at this game, then you must check out some of the unusual tools and tricks to transform your mixology in this article.

1. Modern mixology kits

From edible bubbles to flavour capsules, if you can imagine it, you can easily make it with your modern mixology kit. This kit uses several modern technologies and techniques to help you achieve the best cocktail's most difficult and surprising elements. These components add an element of surprise to your customers and help your drink stand out from the other boring drinks on the counter.

2. Vintage cocktail shakers

Vintage Cocktail Shakers
The vintage cocktail shaker is what you, or any home bartender or a person at a good BBQ party, must have. This shaker is a great mixology piece and offers a classic vintage touch. The intricate cuts and the glass carving on this vintage cocktail shaker help it stand apart from the rest of the mixology equipment.

3. Himalayan salt shot glasses

Himalayan Salt Shot Glasses
This can be a great attraction for those who love going for shots. The Himalayan salt shot glasses are a must-have for all mixologists at a BBQ party. These glasses are not just another attraction. It also adds a touch of salt to the cocktail, which can greatly contribute to the flavour of this drink.

4. Smoking boxes 

If you are planning to steal everyone's attention, then smoking boxes are the perfect way to do it. This tool can help you trap your cocktails or even the most basic drinks in the cloud of aroma. With the help of the smoking box, you can add the old and classic vibe of the old times with the help of smokiness or even make your cocktails even more inciting. What would it be?

5. Herb mill

Herbs like mint and lime have also been best friends with a mixologist,, which isn't changing now. However, mixing herbs to achieve the right texture while adding the perfect flavour to the cocktails can sometimes be a task. This is where the herb mill comes into the picture. It helps you to grind and mix your herbs, so you need not worry a bit about the taste of your drinks.

While becoming a mixologist, crowd attraction and surprises come with the title. If you plan to stand out of the crowd and get recognition as a great mixologist, these are the tools and tricks you must try, apart from the drinks!

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