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Boozy, Drunken, Spiked: Heady Pizza Toppings For Your Next House Party

Boozy, Drunken, Spiked: Try These Heady Pizza Toppings

Folks, let's toss aside the notion that pizza and booze are just sidekicks in the culinary universe. Imagine, if you will, elevating your pizza game to a level where each slice comes with a little buzz. Yes, you heard that right. We're diving into the world of boozy, drunken, spiked pizza toppings that'll make your Friday nights a tad more interesting. 

The Whisky BBQ Chicken Tango

First up, let's marinate some chicken in a whisky-infused BBQ sauce. Grab a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label and measure out a modest 30 ml. Mix it with your BBQ sauce, letting the smoky richness of the whisky mingle with the sweet and tangy flavours of the sauce. Toss your chicken pieces in this boozy bath and let them soak up the goodness before scattering them over your pizza dough. The result? A smoky, succulent topping that dances on your taste buds with every bite.

The Vodka Tomato Swirl

Vodka and tomatoes have been in a long-term relationship since the invention of the Bloody Mary. Why not bring that love affair to your pizza? Take 30 ml of Smirnoff vodka and mix it into your tomato sauce. The alcohol sharpens the tomato's acidity, making your sauce brighter and more robust. It's a subtle twist that won't knock you off your feet but will surely raise an eyebrow or two in silent approval. 

Boozy, Drunken, Spiked: Try These Heady Pizza Toppings

The Rum Pineapple Rumba

For those who like a bit of controversy with their pizza, there’s always pineapple! But we're not just throwing any pineapple on this pie. We're talking about something a tad more tropical: rum-soaked pineapple. Soak your pineapple chunks in 30 ml of Captain Morgan Dark Rum, giving them a couple of hours to get to know each other. You will end up with deeper, more caramel-y chunks, which will end the pineapple debate once and for all. When this pizza hits the oven, the heat burns off the rum, and what you’re left with is a rich, boozy flavour that takes the sweetness of the pineapple and gives it a pleasing makeover.

The Gin Basil Play

Now, let's talk about a twist that'll make your green thumb tingle—the Gin Basil Play. This basil is not just going to sit over our tomato sauce. We're upping the ante. Imagine mixing a splash of Tanqueray gin, about 15 ml, with a bit of olive oil. Not your average pizza dressing, right? You brush or drizzle it over your pizza, and as it bakes, the herby notes in the gin wake up and party with the basil, making each bite more lush and vegetal.

Boozy, Drunken, Spiked: Try These Heady Pizza Toppings
And when these boozy beauties come out of the oven? Expect a hush, followed by a chorus of impressed gasps and maybe even some spontaneous applause from the guests.
So, there you go, turning pizza night from ‘nice’ to ‘are you kidding me with this?’ Dive headfirst into flavour experiments, break some age-old rules that saddle pizzas, and enjoy the heck out of the process.

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