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Bubble Tea But Tipsy: Giving The Global Favourite A Gin-tle Twist

Bubble Tea For Adults: Adding A Splash Of Gin To The Refreshing Drink

Bubble tea or boba tea crafted using freshly brewed black, green or oolong tea as well as some milk, cream and lots of ice is a chilled drink savoured especially during warm weather.

What gives the drink the ‘boba’ touch is a helping of tapioca pearls whose chewy texture and softness bring a textural surprise into the drink. The boba pearls are actually the highlight of this Taiwanese drink that was brought into America by immigrants who gradually popularised boba tea leading to the opening up of dozens of stores which make and sell this delicious drink.

Adding a touch of cheer to boba tea are the different colours infused into the making of this mocktail through the fruits, syrups and flavourings poured into the drink during its preparations.

Bubble Tea For Adults: Adding A Splash Of Gin To The Refreshing Drink

Over time, bubble tea has caught the attention of mixologists and bartenders who have incorporated this drink into different recipes used to prepare spirited concoctions inspired by the flavours of the vibrant mocktail. These cocktails contain generous portions of spirits like vodka, rum and bourbon that complement the tea forward drink and are versatile enough to accompany the different fruity and syrupy notes which make this blend sing.

One spirit that adds a vibrant touch to boba cocktails is gin, whose herbaceous notes are perfect to infuse a bit of bitter yet refreshing notes into the drink.

Adding Gin To Boba Tea

For grown ups fond of enjoying a light buzz, boba tea can be infused with premium Tanqueray No. Ten Gin made from juniper and other botanicals that give the liquor a slightly savoury and bitter finish. Boba tea is a summer delight, it is slightly sweeter and this saccharine quality is undercut by the presence of the subtle tapioca pearls which absorb some of the more intense flavour notes in the drink. Gin contributes to lending a flavour balance, because its light finish makes the drink come together in a mix without letting the sweet and syrupy textures overpower the whole drink.

The recipe to prepare a boba tea infused with gin is quite straightforward. All you have to do is bring together a strong brew with cooked and coloured tapioca pearls. To this mix, add a 45 ml pour of Tanqueray No. Ten or even a Gordon’s London Dry Gin for a slightly intense finish. The drink can then be topped off with a dash of lime juice for an inviting zestiness.

Infuse vibrant hues like pinks, reds, oranges and greens into the tapioca pearls so they acquire a very merry quality. The colourful pearls coupled with the fresh tea make for a drink that exudes a warm hue yet contains a bright touch because the tapioca pops out amidst the intensity of the iced tea.

Bubble Tea For Adults: Adding A Splash Of Gin To The Refreshing Drink

As well, adding a touch of simple syrup to the drink introduces a welcoming sweetness into the bitter concoction making it all the more inviting. A mint sprig garnish brings to the drink a cooling touch that is perfect for summer weather. The slight spiciness of the herb cuts through the potent tea to bring about a flavour break in the mix elevating its rejuvenating characteristic.

When infusing gin into boba tea, do away with the classic process of adding milk and cream because you will also be pouring citrusy lime juice into the blend that can end up curdling the whole mix. Instead, make the drink frothy and fizzy by mixing the tea and simple syrup with gin in a cocktail shaker and shake well after adding tons of ice. This way, the drink will not only become chilled and refreshing, it will also acquire a little density that is perfect when it is poured over a glass containing tapioca.

The botanical notes of gin coupled with fruits and syrups make this drink a mix of umami and sweet flavours that would delight your taste buds at a tiki gathering or island party you attend or host during summer weather.


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