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Calvados Culture: Festivals and Events in Normandy

Calvados Culture: Festivals and Events in Normandy

Let's take a little trip to Normandy, shall we? Forget the image of Calvados as just another item on the liquor shelf. Back in the day, this apple brandy was a lifeline for the working class of Normandy. Imagine farmers and workers centuries ago infusing their coffee with Calvados to power through long, gruelling shifts. Now, let's fast forward to today, where Calvados is experiencing a renaissance, not just as a traditional sipper but as a star in the cocktail scene. 

Cocktail Companion

Bartenders have been pivotal in transforming Calvados from a traditional sipper into a versatile component in modern mixology. They're getting creative, muddling Calvados with lemon, rosemary, and apples, or concocting innovative cocktails that highlight its unique apple and wood notes. This approach has made Calvados more approachable, introducing it to a new generation of drinkers who appreciate both its heritage and its potential for innovation.

Calvados Culture: Festivals and Events in Normandy

Festivals in Normandy

Beuvron-en-Auge Cider Festival 

Step into Beuvron-en-Auge, a village so picturesque it’s stamped as one of France’s most beautiful. Here, the Cider Festival is a treat to the senses. Picture the village square bustling with life, where you can watch apples being pressed into juice, taste the freshest cider you’ll ever have, and even catch some traditional French folk dancing. It’s a celebration of all things apple, from juice and cider to calvados and pommeau, making it a must-visit for anyone eager to dive deep into Normandy’s cider culture. 

Le Sap Traditional Cider Festival

Le Sap is something else. Imagine wandering back in time, where the 'Apple to Calvados' Ecomuseum shows you how magic happens. You've got this old-school cider press that's not just for show—a real horse pulls it around while everyone from kids to grandparents watches, drinks in hand, and you can't help but join in the laughter. And the teurgoule? Try stopping at one spoonful of this creamy, cinnamon dream. It's like the village's secret handshake.

Calvados Culture: Festivals and Events in Normandy

Château du Breuil’s Apple Festival

Then there's the Château du Breuil’s Apple Festival, where you are picking out the apples that will be turned into brandy on the grounds of an actual chateau. They're teaching you the A to Z of apple brandy making, and there's tasting involved. Their calvados and pommeau make all the work worth it.
 Les Rencontres de Cambremer
For foodies, Les Rencontres de Cambremer is a dream come true. Here, you have pairing sessions where the finest cheeses meet their match in a glass of Calvados, workshops on crafting the best apple tart, and locals selling fresh produce.
These festivals are about diving headfirst into what makes Normandy tick, meeting the legends behind the bottle, and getting stuck into traditions that have been around longer than any of us. It's a reminder that Calvados isn't just something you sip; it's the lifeblood of this place. So, here's to getting out there, trying something new and celebrating everything Calvados stands for.

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