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Celebrate Pride with a Vibrant Rainbow-Inspired Theme Party!

Celebrate Pride with a Vibrant Rainbow-Inspired Theme Party!

Pride Month is a time for joy, unity and celebrating the diverse spectrums of love and identity. What could encapsulate the spirit of this celebration better than a rainbow-themed party?

Here’s your ultimate guide to hosting a Pride gathering, with each colour of the rainbow bringing its own flavour to the festivities.

The Scene

First things first: transform your space into a party of colours. Rainbow balloon arches that span across the room and tablecloths in vibrant colours, maybe? For lighting, opt for soft, coloured bulbs to cast a warm glow that shifts through the spectrum, or even better, a disco ball to scatter light like tiny rainbows across dancing bodies.

Celebrate Pride with a Vibrant Rainbow-Inspired Theme Party!

Themed Decorations

Create a backdrop for selfies and group photos with a giant rainbow flag or better yet, have a wall filled with streamers in every colour. You can also place colour-coded confetti on tables, and if you're feeling crafty, rainbow paper lanterns can add a magical touch.

Rainbow Drinks

Now, the highlight for many: the drinks. Here’s a selection of rainbow-inspired drinks, each corresponding to a colour of the flag.

Strawberry Rosé Sangria

To make this simple sangria, mix 60 ml Smirnoff Green Apple, 120 ml rosé wine, a handful of sliced strawberries and a splash of soda water. Painting the town red, this drink is a beautiful start to your rainbow-themed soiree.

Celebrate Pride with a Vibrant Rainbow-Inspired Theme Party!

Orange screams Mimosa

Blend 30 ml Cîroc vodka with 90 ml sparkling wine and 30 ml fresh orange juice. Sitting pretty at brunches, this mimosa will bring a dose of citrus cheer to everyone’s glasses at the party. For a non-alcoholic mimosa, combine 60 ml orange juice with 120 ml Black and White ginger ale, and watch the party get livelier.
Pineapple Whisky Smash

To make things a tad yellow, shake 45 ml Johnnie Walker Gold Label with 60 ml pineapple juice and 15 ml lemon juice in a shaker. Serve over one large ice cube in a rocks glass, or a paper cup if that suits the vibe.

Minty Green Mojito

Green may be a polarising colour, but mojito is a definite crowd-pleaser. Muddle fresh mint leaves with 15 ml sugar syrup and 20 ml lime juice, then add 45 ml McDowell’s X Series dark rum and top with soda water. This classic mojito brings a crisp, refreshing green to your drink menu.

Celebrate Pride with a Vibrant Rainbow-Inspired Theme Party!

Blueberry Fizz

For those who love blue, combine 15 ml blue Curacao, 10 ml lemon juice, and a handful of muddled blueberries in a shaker. Top with tonic water and you have a mystical blue mocktail that makes sure everyone feels included.

Lavender Lemonade

A shade of purple with this Lavender Lemonade brings us to our last drink on the menu. Stir 45 ml Smirnoff Vodka with homemade lavender-infused syrup and 30 ml of lemon juice. Top with a splash of soda for a serene finish to your rainbow array.

Celebrate Pride with a Vibrant Rainbow-Inspired Theme Party!

Dancing and More

At a rainbow-themed party celebrating pride, expect loads of dancing. But for those with two left feet, set up a DIY drinks station where guests can mix their own concoctions safely. A photo booth is a classic at Pride gatherings, so bring out the props. A face-paint bar is another way to keep guests entertained and for artists to practise their skills with enthusiastic volunteers.

Ending With a Toast

As the evening winds down, how about a toast to Pride? Share a few words about what community means to you, or if you'd rather keep things light, sing the crowd’s chosen pop anthem together. This moment of memory-making will be the perfect culmination of a night filled with joy, colour and creativity.

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