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Celebrating Latin Music With Six Groovy Cocktails

Cranberry cocktail

Latin music, with its pulsating beats and vivid rhythms, has changed the global landscape of the arts. With many different forms under its belt, it’s no wonder that Latin music has grown from strength to strength in the past few years. For music enthusiasts who also like a good drink, why not take this joyous journey a step further? Let’s mix up a cocktail menu inspired by the foot-topping genres of Latin music, where each drink is a toast to the beats that make our hearts dance.

Samba Sunset

Picture the streets of Rio during Carnival, alive with the beats of Samba. This calls for a cocktail that can complement the infectious energy of the dance. Meet the Samba Sunset, a playful mix of 30 ml Ciroc Vodka, 30 ml Smirnoff Red for that fruity zing, and a splash of cranberry juice mirroring the vibrancy of Samba's spirit. Garnish with a twist of orange peel, poised on the rim like a professional dancer.

The Bossa Nova Serenade

The Bossa Nova Serenade is a refreshing concoction of 45 ml of Gordon's gin with 15 ml of elderflower liqueur and a dash of lime juice, poured over ice. For the final touch, top with a splash of Gordon’s Tonic Water and garnish with a sprig of mint. A toast to the laid-back vibe of Bossa Nova, this cocktail will have you swaying to the genre’s jazzy notes.

Bolero Bliss

The genre that romances your soul deserves a drink with a passionate red touch. Muddle a couple of raspberries in a shaker along with some mint leaves. Pour 50 ml Tanqueray No.10 gin and a drizzle of Gordon's Tonic Water. As sweet as the love stories told in Bolero songs, this drink is complete with a twist of lemon.

raspberry gin cocktail

Tango Twist

For a cocktail that mirrors Tango’s history, a convergence of various cultures, stir 30 ml of Don Julio Reposado tequila with 15 ml of tamarind concentrate and 15 ml of agave syrup. Strain over ice into a chilled glass and garnish with a lime wheel, crafting a complex, sweet-and-sour cocktail that combines the best of both worlds.

Five-Ingredient Merengue Mojo

Merengue, the dance that turns any place into a party with its signature five-beat rhythm, deserves an equally festive drink. The Merengue Magic combines the sweetness of 15 ml Bailey's Original Irish Cream with the aged smokiness of 30 ml Singleton 15 whisky over ice. Add a sprinkle of cinnamon and crown it with whipped cream, creating a concoction that matches the old-world traditions of the music form.

Reigning Reggaeton

Reggaeton’s cultural pulse has evoked reverence for the music genre from across the world. Capture this essence in the Reigning Reggaeton, a bold mix of 30 ml Captain Morgan Dark Rum and 15 ml Ciroc vodka, representing the genre’s commanding attitude that forces your ears to perk up. A final pour of Smirnoff lemon pop adds a citrusy beat, akin to the rhythmic base of reggaeton's heart.


As we celebrate Latin music's vivacious spirit with these cocktails, remember that they are best enjoyed in moderation. Let's honour the art of responsible sipping, keeping the rhythm in our hearts, not just in our heads. Salud and happy mixing!

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