Christmas Party Themes For A Merry Gathering

By: Shireen Jamooji

christmas theme parties

Christmas in itself is always an occasion to remember, but this year take the festivities to a new level by introducing some fun themes that will give you and your guests an opportunity to really get into the swing of the holidays. From decor to drinks, match up the offerings for the night for a truly unforgettable Christmas.

vintage cocktails

A Vintage Christmas Soiree

Embrace the charm of yesteryear with a vintage-themed Christmas party. Transport your guests to a bygone era, be it the swinging 60s or the vibrant 80s. Invite them to don the iconic attire of the chosen period, adding a touch of elegance with midi gowns, tweed tuxedos, and classic flat caps.

Transform your space into a haven of nostalgia by adorning it with retro-inspired posters, paper lanterns, and ornaments sourced from flea markets or thrift shops. For a modern twist, consider incorporating streamers and disco balls, merging contemporary elegance with 70s nostalgia. Choose a colour palette reminiscent of the 70s—burnt orange, mustard yellow, and avocado green—and mix eclectic furniture for a unique blend.

To complement the ambience, curate a selection of cocktails that resonate with the chosen era, perhaps a classic 60s cocktail or an 80s-inspired drink.

elegant cocktail

An Opulent Christmas Affair

Elevate your Christmas celebration with a touch of glamour. This elegant theme revolves around bold, bright colours, and dazzling decorations that mirror the sophistication of nightlife. Picture disco balls, neon lights, and funky centre pieces, creating an atmosphere where every guest feels like a VIP.

Enhance the glitz with a red carpet runner beside the Christmas tree, providing the perfect backdrop for festive snapshots. Encourage attendees to dress in their finest attire, transforming the gathering into a dazzling holiday gala. Consider serving cocktails that embody the spirit of a chic and sophisticated affair, such as sparkling champagne concoctions or vibrant, colourful mixes.

sugar cookie

Christmas Cookie Decoration Party

Unleash your inner child with a Christmas cookie decorating party—a delightful blend of fun and festivity. This theme is effortlessly charming and easily adaptable to the size of your guest list.

Create a festive atmosphere with tinsel, bows, and bells, accompanied by joyful Christmas tunes. Dedicate a space for sipping eggnog and hot cocoa, setting the scene for a delightful cookie decorating session. Provide an array of cookies, icing, food dye pens, and sprinkles, ensuring everyone has their own creative space.

As you indulge in the joy of decorating, consider serving classic Christmas cocktails that complement the whimsical atmosphere.

pink cocktail

Pink Paradise Christmas

In 2023 it’s Barbie’s world and we’re all just living in it. Break away from tradition with a Pink Wonderland theme—a chic and on-trend alternative to the classic red and green palette. Infuse the setting with a burst of colour through vibrant ornaments, while adding a touch of sophistication with silver accents.

Encourage guests to don elegant attire in pastel colours, creating a visually stunning atmosphere. If bold colours aren’t your preference, opt for the timeless combination of white and gold. Extend the theme to your cocktail selection by offering drinks that mirror the elegance and vibrancy of the Pink Wonderland theme.

naughty or nice cocktail

Naughty or Nice Cocktail Extravaganza

Add a playful twist to your Christmas celebration with a Naughty or Nice Cocktail Party. Invite guests to dress as either the epitome of niceness or a bit cheeky, ensuring plenty of laughter and memorable photo opportunities.

Elevate the festive spirits with a curated selection of holiday cocktails, including White Christmas Margaritas, Old-Fashioned Eggnogs, Apple Cider Cocktails, or Christmas Punch. Consider hiring professional bartenders to craft these cocktails, ensuring a high-spirited and elegant affair at your chosen venue.

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