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Amaretto Sour: This Twist On The Classic Is For You, Almond Fans!

Classic Amaretto Sour With A Twist: Elevating The Almond Flavours

The amaretto sour is a curiously inspired drink. Akin to all ‘sour’ recipes it contains the quintessential egg white foam that gives the drink a frothy layer at the top. But contrary to other sour templates of classic cocktails that combine sweet and sour elements to arrive at a balanced mix, the amaretto sour requires in its most original form only two ingredients, the amaretto and lime juice. 

Most sours use a base spirit coupled with another liqueur and the addition of zesty lime to combine different textures but the distinctiveness of the amaretto sour lies in the sheer simplicity of bringing together a couple of ingredients ample enough for preparing a well-balanced drink.

Mixology experts trace the origin of the amaretto sour to the 1970s. Over the next couple of decades, the recipe underwent some subtle changes like replacing the fresh lemon and sugar components with a sour mix which led the drink to acquire too saccharine a quality. 

However, modern bartenders have worked towards reviving the cocktail in its most original form by retaining the almond-forward, earthy and sweet taste of the drink and cutting down on any artificial sweeteners. The modern preparation of the amaretto sour involves using the Italian liqueur made from almonds and apricots carrying light notes of cherry and toasted nuts which lend themselves wonderfully to a cocktail concoction that favours sweet, deep and zesty flavours.

Classic Amaretto Sour With A Twist: Elevating The Almond Flavours

Enhancing Almond Flavours

One of the most interesting elements of the amaretto sour is the earthy, nutty taste characteristic of almonds that gives the drink a certain depth. If you are particularly fond of this texture, then one of the ways to enhance the drink’s almondy notes is to use a quality amaretto liqueur that is in fact made from premium dry fruits to extract as much flavour as possible into the spirit.

Yet another way to enhance the taste of almonds in the drink is to add a splash of bourbon. This might seem unusual at first, but the intensity of the bourbon manages to elevate the earthy notes of amaretto liqueur by balancing some of its sweetness. Add just a tiny splash, enough to highlight the liqueur without overpowering the entire cocktail.

To finish off, ensure that you are generous with your freshly squeezed lime juice. This is the only element in the drink that will add lots of tangy, citrusy and vibrant flavours into the cocktail making it as fresh as it is nutty and sweet. Also adjust the proportion of simple syrup added to the mix to tone down the sweetness and enhance the almond textures in the cocktail.

Classic Amaretto Sour With A Twist: Elevating The Almond Flavours

Bitters And Almond Garnishes

One of the most fruitful ways to come up with several different interesting mixes in cocktail craft is to keep experimenting. In order to prepare an amaretto sour with an almond centric twist, try adding some Angostura or orange bitters into the drink so that their herbal notes will work towards complementing the almond notes simultaneously introducing some complex textures into a straightforward drink.

You can also go for a simple syrup that is infused with almond essence to enhance the flavours of the dried fruit in the cocktail. Another way to make an almond-infused simple syrup is to steep toasted almonds in hot water and then add sugar to this scented mixture so as to make it that much more potent.

Ultimately, making an almond forward cocktail means you have to go heavy on its nutty and slightly smoky, toasty textures and one of the most obvious ways to achieve this is an almond garnish. You can chop up some almonds finely and scatter them atop the foamy cocktail. Adorn the serving glass with a lemon twist to reinforce the aromas of the dried fruit and its accompanying citrusy element for a visually appealing and utterly delicious mix.


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