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Cocktail Bar Station For House Parties - Essential Tips

Cocktail Bar Station Cover

Planning on setting up a cocktail bar station for your next house party? Well, we have some essential tips that will surely help you. Setting up a cocktail bar is fun but also can be a tad bit challenging to execute right away. You can impress your guests with some mind-blowing drinks and create a fun-filled atmosphere for everyone! Here are some essential tips to help you create a cocktail bar station that will make your party a hit. Let’s get started!

Cocktail Bar Station For House Parties

1. Choose a theme

If you are planning on a house party, chances are that you already have a party theme ready. Align your cocktail bar station to match that theme, or if you are hosting a simple house party, then you can use a theme for your cocktail bar alone. This will definitely make your party more interesting and fun.

2. Select the space

Opt for a spacious location. This way you can accommodate your guests without making it too crowded. You can set up the cocktail bar inside your house or in the backyard. Find a good spot and gear up!

3. Set up the cocktail bar station

If you have a home bar, you can transform it into a cocktail bar. Alternatively, you can use things that are readily available at your house. For example, use a wide table that can be used as a bar counter, a bar cart to stock up on essentials and a shelf or cabinets for storing other supplies. Unleash your creativity and find the perfect spot!

4. Decorate your cocktail bar

Now that you have the cocktail bar station set up, it’s time to decorate it. Party decor is a must to ensure you have a lively and festive atmosphere. Don’t leave your cocktail bar out. Use party decors such as flowers, candles, fairy lights, or lanterns to spruce up the bar station. You can also include some indoor plants or flowers for a beautiful ambience. Additionally, you can make use of mason jars, glass bottles, or vases to store and display your ingredients and tools in an organised and stylish way.

5. Party menu

Plan a menu of the drinks that you can make and serve at your house parties. There are plenty of easy cocktail recipes that pack a punch of flavours and that you can mix effortlessly. Find a few cocktail recipes that align with your party theme. Additionally, have a separate menu for mocktails, especially for those guests who don't drink alcohol.

6. Stock up on bar supplies

You cannot mix a cocktail without ingredients. So, it’s time to stock up on all bar supplies that you need for your cocktail recipes. Based on the number of guests, and the party menu, choose all the ingredients you need. Spirits like whisky, gin, vodka, tequila, rum, etc. and several mixers such as tonic water, club soda, fresh fruit juices, liqueurs and cordials. Have enough ingredients so the drinks can keep flowing throughout the event. 

7. Batched cocktails

Want to save time? Don’t want to be stuck up behind the bar throughout the event? Batched cocktails are your answer! You can easily mix up delicious cocktails for the crowd in big batches. All you will have to do is serve them in glasses and garnish and your guests will love it. If you get the proportions right, these batched cocktails will have the same flavour and richness to their taste. Many batched cocktail recipes are so simple that you can do it at home, even if you aren't a seasoned mixologist! Alternatively, if your budget allows you can hire a bartender and let the cocktails work its magic.

8. Make it a DIY cocktail bar

How about taking the cocktail bar station experience up a notch? Make it a DIY cocktail bar and let your guests show off their skills. A DIY cocktail bar is a fantastic way for your guests to mix up drinks and they will have a gala time at your house party. Just make sure to have enough bar supplies and tools. Include a few cocktail recipe cards at your DIY cocktail bar station so your guests know exactly how to mix up their favourite cocktails.

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