Cocktail Bar Tips To Banter With The Bartender

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Now here is something that could help you elevate your cocktail making experience. Next time at a cocktail bar, try and converse with the bartender to not only get great service than usual, but they can also let you in on some trade secrets. Dwell into conversation with the masters of their craft to know more about your choice of drink and the art of mixology. On the one hand, you’ll have a great experience, on the other, you could make someone's day with a simple smile and a short conversation. A win-win for both!

Conversation Starter Tips At A Cocktail Bar

1. Be respectful and start with a simple hi with a smile

Be respectful and start with a simple hi
A smile goes a long way, and being busy with customers all day long, sometimes bartenders wouldn’t have time to strike up a long engaging conversation with you from the start. Be courteous, being with a friendly nod and a hi.

2. Inquire about their evening

Conversation could start with a simple question regarding their work like asking them, “How busy is the evening going?”, “Does it usually get this busy around here?”, “How do you manage in a rush hour like this?”. 

3. Ask them about their cocktail making art

Most of the time, they would be more than willing to tell you all about their specialities and favourites. And while they’re at it, you can ask them for trade secrets and special recipes to add to your cocktail menu!

4. Let them tell you about their bartending journey

their bartending journey
If they are welcoming a conversation, you may get into the details and ask them how they got into a bartending experience. Bartenders handle all types of customers, and that may include some rude ones as well. A conversation that treats them as humans would undoubtedly brighten their day. Moreover, someone passionate about the art of cocktail making and mixology would be more than happy to share their experiences with you!

5. Don’t shy away from complimenting their skills

If the bartender offered exceptional service with creativity and flare to your order, don’t be shy in complimenting them. It’s not just their job but an artistic expression as well, so do remember to compliment them if you liked the experience!

Remember that bartenders are individuals with diverse personalities. Some people may be more talkative and eager to participate, while others may be more reserved. While conversing is OK, keep in mind the cocktail bar is the bartender's workplace and their need to service other customers. Adjust your approach based on their cues, and strive for a pleasant and courteous interaction at all times.

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