Cocktail Party the Virtual Way

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A virtual cocktail party can be a great way to relax after a hectic workday. Raise a toast, laugh out loud and make memories, all through the convenience of your home bar. These parties are still popular as remote work continues to be mainstream.  And the best part about them is you can enjoy your favourite drink with friends even hundreds of miles away.

But how do you host a virtual party that feels fun? One that leaves a lasting impression on everyone and makes them wait for another one?

Here’s how to tick all the boxes on your virtual party checklist:

The Party Checklist To Hosting A Fun Cocktail Party

Preparing for your next virtual cocktail party doesn’t have to be a headache. Here is all that you need to know to host one that each of your guests remembers:

Pick a platform

What platform you host your party on is crucial. It’s important to note that while platforms like Zoom and Google Meet provide free meetings, they come with certain limitations. Different platforms restrict meetings to time intervals: Zoom: 40 minutes, Google Meet: 60 minutes. They also generally limit participants to a hundred. Skype can be a great alternative. Investing in a paid plan for these services can grant you an unrestricted meeting experience.

Share delectable cocktail recipes

The party menu is the star of the show. Pick some yummy cocktail recipes and share them with your guests in advance. Making a cocktail at home is generally easy, but everyone can pick easy recipes.

You can let your spirits run wild, from fizzy drinks to margaritas and mojitos. Also, decide on some yummy snacks to go with your drinks.

Themes, dress codes, decor

Picking a party theme and a dress code is a great way to elevate your party experience. And you don’t need elaborate dresses. Simply asking guests to wear red or don a hat can make a difference. As with the theme, you can pick any: retro, spooky or floral. Also, ensure each guest is in a well-lit spot to ease interaction. As a host, consider adding theme-related decorations to your background and encourage your guests to do the same.

Pick a dress code that keeps everyone comfortable and the party enjoyable.

Plan some in-party games

Plan some games for your virtual party in advance to eliminate those dreaded awkward silences. You can pick from evergreen choices like Truth-or-Dare and Charades or customise your own based on preferences. Whatever you do, make sure you get everyone involved. If your planned game requires props, mention them in your invite. That brings us to the heart of the matter: the invite.

Send A Great Invite

Invite to enjoy! Send an invite at least a fortnight in advance. A paperless invite or the email you send must set the tone for your party. Talk about all the details your guests need to know: the theme, the dresses, the recipes, and anything else.  A fantastic party starts with a fantastic invite.

If you want to be an even better host, check out The Bar to learn more about creating a yummy party menu and get your party checklist sorted. They have tips, tricks and insights on making your party experience unforgettable and recipes for making the best cocktails at home.

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