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Cocktail Party with Cocktail and Sushi Combinations

Delicious Cocktail and Sushi Combinations Cover

A party at your home bar allows you to enjoy quality time with friends and make unforgettable memories. But planning a party can be quite tricky. It starts with deciding on the party menu to the party decor. Deciding the party menu is a difficult task. The menu must include unique combinations to impress the guests. Cocktails and sushi go hand-in-hand. This combination of refreshing drinks and sushi is a delightful fusion of flavours. This article will discover some mouthwatering cocktail and sushi combinations to elevate your next cocktail party. 

Cocktail Party Food & Drinks Pairing Ideas

Old Fashioned with California Roll 

If you are a classic cocktail fan, the old-fashioned with California roll is a must-try. An old-fashioned cocktail mixes whiskey with a hint of sweetness and a few dashes of orange zest. It complements the fresh taste of cucumber, rice, and avocado in the California roll. This combination is the perfect fusion of refreshing ingredients.

Pina Colada with Sweet Mango Roll

Try out a sweet mango roll paired with a pina colada to end the evening with a sweet note. A pina colada cocktail combines rum with creamy coconut milk and pineapple juice. The sweet ingredients of mango sushi enhance the creamy texture of the cocktail. If you have a sweet tooth, try this combination at your next cocktail party.

Spicy Margarita with Spicy Tuna Roll

Classic Margarita with Tuna and Avocado Roll
If you like bold and spicy flavours, pair a spicy tuna roll with a spicy margarita. The spicy ingredients of the tuna roll pair wonderfully with the hot flavours of the spicy margarita. The cocktail is made with tequila, lime juice, and a slice of lemon or jalapenos. This combination will for sure impress your guests. 

Mojito with Volcano Roll

You can try out a volcano roll paired with a classic mojito for adventurous guests who want to try new things. A Mojito mixes rum, lime, sugar, soda water, and mint flavours. These refreshing ingredients of a classic mojito perfectly balance the spicy tuna, shrimp, and spicy mayonnaise of a volcano roll. It is the perfect fusion of spicy, sweet, and citrus flavours.

Gin and Tonic with Tempura Roll

Gin and Tonic with Shrimp Tempura Roll
A gin and tonic cocktail is a simple mixture of gin with tonic water. It is usually served with ice cubes. Try pairing this cocktail with a tempura roll. The sushi is cooked with rice and tempura shrimp. The crispy flavour of the cocktail perfectly complements the savoury taste of Tempura roll sushi. It is the best combination to enjoy at a cocktail party in the evening.

Cocktail parties are about enjoying and making fun memories with family and friends. But these parties are incomplete without the delicious combination of cocktails and sushi. Whether you go for the classic combo of an old-fashioned cocktail with a California roll or a refreshing mojito with a volcano roll, it is the perfect addition to your party menu. So, the next time you plan to host a cocktail party at your home bar, don’t forget to try these mouthwatering combinations.

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