Cocktail Recipes For Your Football Game Night


A fantastic house party for your football game night would undoubtedly require more than chips and dip. Elevate your football night party and keep your spirits high with these three scrumptious cocktail recipes that will score a goal with your friends. These cocktail recipes are not only delicious but also easy to prepare and enjoyed with your whole troop. These cocktails will surely bring an extra element of excitement to any event and keep your guests hooked, whether you're a die-hard fan or just here for the food and fun!

3 Cocktail Recipes For Your Football Watch House Party 

1. Victory Vodka Lemonade 

Now here is another reason to boast about your favourite team’s victory at the house party. Celebrate the moment with our Victory Vodka Lemonade with the right amount of zingy freshness of the lemonade and Cîroc Ultra Premium Vodka’s citrus and crisp palate. 


- 45 ml Ciroc Vodka

- 120 ml fresh lemonade

- 30 ml cranberry juice

- Lemon sliced for garnish

- Ice


- Fill a cocktail shaker with Ciroc vodka, fresh lemonade and shake with ice.

- Pour the drink into a glass.

- Top it up gently with cranberry juice to create a beautiful layering.

- Garnish with thin lemon slices and enjoy!

2. Captain and Cola 

Lead your team to victory with this classic rum cocktail recipe which is as easy to make as it is delectable! A great cocktail recipe that can be easily prepared in batches as well. We recommend using Captain Morgan Dark Rum for that rich oaky sweetness with hints of warm spices and vanilla, a perfect rum to pair with zesty lime and bubbly freshness of cola.


- 50 ml Captain Morgan Rum

- 120 ml cola

- Lime wedges

- Ice


- Muddle up a few lime wedges in a shaker.

- Next, pour in 50 ml Captain Morgan Rum and 125 ml cola and shake with ice.

- Pour the drink into a glass filled with ice.

- Garnish with lime wedges and serve.

3. Ginger Highball 

Huddle up for strategy because this ginger highball is surely going to rock the house party! With the citrus cherry and chilli notes from The Singleton Of Glendullan Single Malt Scotch Whisky rounded up from the subtle sweet depth of honey and the kick from ginger, this cocktail recipe is the one to look out for.


- 45 ml of The Singleton Scotch Whisky

- 15 ml honey syrup (1:1-part mixed honey and hot water)

- 30 ml ginger ale

- Lemon wedge for garnishing

- Ice


- In a glass filled with ice, pour in 45 ml of The Singleton Scotch Whisky, honey syrup.

- Top the drink with chilled ginger ale and give it a gentle stir.

- Garnish using a lemon wedge on the rim and serve.

So here were three cocktail recipes that would help you to break from a monotonous routine of having the same drink for each game night. Surprise your friends and yourself with these delightful creations, call your troop over and try these cocktail recipes today at your game night!

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