Cocktails Featured In Mad Men

Mad Men Don Draper Cocktail

Mad Men, the award-winning show that ran from 2007 to 2015, traces the happenings in Sterling Cooper, a Manhattan-based advertising firm. The show is known for its compelling characters and its depiction of American vices, including alcohol.

Inevitably, the show features many cocktails, which fans around the globe have found intriguing, often compelling you to make one for yourself. To make that task easier, we have compiled a list of some of the most popular cocktails featured in Mad Men along with their recipes, so you can enjoy a rerun of the show with a delicious drink in your hand.

Old Fashioned

Don Draper’s favourite drink, this classic features often in the show, most notably in season 3 as he makes one for Conrad Hilton, the hotel baron. A simple drink made using Bourbon, sugar syrup, and bitters or orange peels, it is ideal for whiskey lovers who want to enjoy their drink with a little twist.

Whiskey Sour

Another whiskey cocktail, since it is the author’s poison of preference. This drink features in a club scene in season 4 where… actually, we won’t spoil it for you. Made with Bourbon, lemon juice, syrup, and an egg white, this drink is definitely a leap of faith. But believe us, it is totally worth it.

Bloody Mary

Probably the most ingredient-heavy cocktail on this list, the Bloody Mary features in season two of the show. Made using, and you are not ready for this, Vodka, lemon, lime, celery salt, tomato juice, horseradish, Tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, black pepper, paprika, and salt, it is probably the most rewarding cocktail to prepare from this list. If you can memorise and say the ingredients in one breath, we’ll treat you to one.

Bloody Mary

Vodka Martini

Whenever Roger Sterling wants to impress business executives, a Vodka Martini is his go-to order, topped with an olive. Some may argue that this is a bastardisation of the classic gin-based martini, but its popularity has only seen an increase lately. Made with vodka, dry vermouth and orange bitters, and garnished with an olive, a few things are as classy as sipping on a Martini.

Tom Collins

Featured early in the show’s run in its second season, this cocktail’s name may as well be that of a character’s. Don Draper literally dictates the recipe to Sally, and our recipe pays homage to that. Made with Gin, lemon juice, simple syrup, club soda, lemon slices, and a cherry which should be floating on top, this is a flexible drink with proportions set based on individual preference.

Mai Tai

Naturally, this Hawaiin cocktail features on a vacation in the show, when Don and Megan Draper visit Hawaii. Indeed, very few drinks encapsulate the tropical spirit as well without being a cliched Pina Colada. While you’d ideally be ordering this drink when on a holiday, if you really want to prepare it yourself, just throw together Dark Rum, lime juice, orange curacao, orgeat syrup, and rock candy syrup, shake well, and pour it into an old fashioned glass with ice, and have a nice holiday feel at home.

Even if you don’t drink, you can enjoy most of these cocktails by making them without alcohol, or by simply using a non-alcoholic alternative to a spirit. Remember to not exceed 60 ml of alcohol per serving, and drink responsibly.

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