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Coconut Water: Just Right For Your Hydration & Post-Hangover Needs

Coconut Water As A Hangover Remedy, Hydration Booster For Partygoers

Coconut water can serve multiple purposes in your drinking game. It is used in the creation of different cocktails as a mixer or a blend to give your drink a natural sweetness and a light finish. And while coconut water enhances the taste and textural components of your cocktail, it can also be enjoyed by itself as a drink that would help you to combat a hangover the day after your party.

Out of the many cures out there to nurse the headaches and nausea that might occur after an evening of drinking, coconut water stands out because it is light, subtly sweet and actually quite pleasing. In modern mixology, the drink is used precisely for these attributes as a versatile mixer that can be added to several cocktails for building flavourful blends.

Coconut Water As A Hangover Remedy, Hydration Booster For Partygoers

Yet, tender coconut water can be enjoyed in the mornings, before the afternoon sun sets in, to rejuvenate and refresh your body if you are experiencing the aftereffects of going heavy on your tipples the night before. A natural drink that can be savoured to tone down some of the symptoms of a classic hangover, coconut water is most useful because it pumps your body up with fluids and replenishes some of the water you might have lost while boozing.

Treating A Hangover

Many times, coconut water is offered as a hangover remedy, and while it may not rid you of your symptoms, it will definitely give you a dose of electrolytes that would have a cooling and refreshing effect on your body. Once you are filled with these nutrients available aplenty in tender coconut water, you might experience a slight relief in muscle cramps and headaches as well as a general feeling of fatigue induced by a hangover.

Moreover, the presence of natural sugars in the drink means your body also gets all the energy you would require to move from your kitchen, back to your comfy sofa as you nurse your hangover!

Coconut Water As A Hangover Remedy, Hydration Booster For Partygoers

For Hydration

One of the best attributes of coconut water undoubtedly lies in its ability to hydrate your body especially after you have had too much to drink. A potent tipple would contain generous proportions of alcohol which is a diuretic, that is, it gets rid of all the fluids in your body. This is why your mouth is left feeling dry and your body feels dehydrated when you consume too much booze.

Sipping on coconut water in between having a couple of drinks or enjoying a giant swig of this chilled drink after your party will promote hydration and fill your body up with all the fluids you might have lost while sipping a cocktail. But make no mistake, you have to savour coconut water by itself, without mixing it in a boozy drink to extract all its virtues for staying hydrated and combating a hangover.

Coconut water can be the secret weapon of partygoers especially in the tropics where excessive sweating due to rising temperatures can cause further water loss especially at disco nights or dance parties. And enjoying the drink during a party will ensure that you can have your share of fun without worrying too much about a hangover the next day because coconut water will keep on pumping you with fluids even as you have that extra drink you swore to stay away from.


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