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Confused About Which Drink To Serve With Bacon? Find Out Here!

bacon cheeseburger and beer

Bacon is an all-season food that can be relished with the right pairing of booze. Nothing can top the flavours achieved by a perfect bacon-booze combination. Indulging in bacon dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner feels a like feast fit for a king. Pairing a bacon dish with the right kind of alcoholic beverage makes the experience even more decadent.

Bacon has distinctive flavour and long shelf life making it a favourite of chefs as well. A bacon dish's flavour profile needs to match the notes and mouthfeel of the drink. Check out some of the best bacon-booze pairings below:

Bacon Cheeseburger And Beer

Is there anything better than a chilled beer to wash down a humongous bacon cheeseburger? The hops in the beer and the burger's crispy texture and salty taste make for such a good pairing that you will end up having them for all your meals.

Bacon And Egg Frittata With Chardonnay

Pair bacon and egg frittata with chardonnay and surrender to their amazing pairing. The wine with its sweetness cuts through the richness of the dish, thereby bringing a harmonious combination.

Bacon With Mimosa

If you are making a traditional crispy bacon, then the perfect drink to pair it up with is Mimosa. Prepare the crispy bacon and pile them up on a plate. Season them well with herbs. Now get a flute, add your favourite champagne and a splash of orange juice to it. You are not set for a delectable meal comprising crispy bacon and mimosa. This pairing works well as the fat in the bacon is balanced by the bubbling champagne. The Mimosa's sweetness balances the salty cured pork. You have a meal which is refreshing and indulgent.

Pork Belly And IPA

Indian Pale Ale, the spirit relished with many types of cuisines, works wonders with bacon too. Have the ale with pork belly and enjoy the hoppy beer's flavours matching that of the pork. You can make a sizzling pork belly burger. But before you jump in to get a bite, grab IPA. Pork belly is heavy and rich but when consumed with Indian Pale Ale, it tastes like heaven. The hoppiness of the ale allows you to chew down the meat in no time.

Bacon Pasta And Pinot Noir

Make a creamy pasta with bacon, pair it with Pinot Noir, and you have created for yourself a sophisticated meal. Red wines are the go-to drinks for pasta, so this is indeed a match made in heaven.

Bacon-Egg Quiche With Sauvignon Blanc

When opposites attract! Bacon-egg quiche and sauvignon blanc have contrasting flavour profiles. But if you try this food and beverage combination once, you will come back to it as often as you can. The wine's fruity flavour also helps reduce the heaviness that the quiche inherently has.

Canadian Bacon With Brown Ale

For a thick Canadian bacon cut into slices, only a beer can help you handle the meat. Brown ale is chocolatey and Canadian Bacon has strong flavours. They make for a tasty combination which might even end up becoming your favourite.

Bacon And Cocktails

If you are making bacon-wrapped peaches, pair it with a vodka and tangerine cocktail. If you are planning to make bite-sized chicken wrapped in sweet bacon, then Old Fashioned is your go-to drink. If you are serving goat's cheese and bacon, then you must also serve an apricot martini, which will enhance the taste of your dish.

While it's great to learn about making cocktails and alcoholic beverages, it is important to consume alcohol moderately. Remember to serve and drink responsibly to ensure you and your guests are healthy and out of harm's way. If you know anyone who has trouble controlling their alcohol intake, please refer them to a professional immediately.


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