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Country Vibes In A Glass: Sip On Six Musical Cocktails That Hit All The Right Notes

Country Vibes in a Glass: Sip on Six Musical Cocktails That Hit All the Right Notes

Country music is more than just melody and lyrics put together. It is a depiction of a way of life, of farms, cattle, ranches and cowboys that are an inextricable part of the fabric of America’s rural regions. This music is characterised by its distinct tunes, its slow but impactful rhythms and its lively notes. Country music is a popular genre that’s as much about taking in the melody as about enjoying a peaceful routine of sitting out on the porch sipping lemonade and watching the sun go down.

Playing country tunes when you are heading off on a road trip, the wind flying in your hair and the feeling of abandon accompanying this adventure is a whole different level of amazing indeed. And this vibe is all the more enhanced when you reach your destination and opt for some delicious cocktails that remind you of the country spirit. A country-theme is an amazing party idea as well, so the next time you are hosting a barbecue evening complete with sliders and some drinks, be sure to pair this feast with cocktails that are inspired by this musical genre.

Read on below to know more about some cocktails inspired by country tunes that can be the showstoppers at your next home hosting event:

The Grand Ole Fashioned

This was a cocktail concocted by a hotel in Nashville to celebrate the spirit of attending a country music concert. An old fashioned is already a drink that would remind you of fall flavours and a country charm and with a signature spin that imagines musical notes falling on your ears at a concert, the drink indeed becomes an excellent way to enjoy country vibes. You can sip on this grand ole fashioned cocktail infused with quality bourbon and just a little bit of pumpkin puree while playing a bit of Dolly Parton or Johnny Cash.

If You Need An Alibi

An espresso martini is a really trending drink infused with the aromas and intense flavours of freshly brewed quality coffee. Inspired by the Kelsea Ballerini song, If You Go Down (I'm Goin’ Down Too), the drink, according to the ABC, has been made as a special version which pays tribute to this fantastic country artist. Made out of ingredients like quality vodka and some espresso syrup, the drink is as delicious as it is layered and can be served at any intimate dinner as you listen to some signature country tunes.

Hillbilly Highball

Country music often makes reference to a hillbilly, a person hailing from remote corners of the American countryside. It is also a way of talking about country music and unsurprisingly one of the cocktails which celebrates hillbilly tunes is a highball mix made from applejack and ginger ale that packs the drink with a zesty punch. You can also introduce a slight sweetness into the cocktail with a splash of maple syrup.

Dixie Julep

A cocktail inspired by country music has to have a bit of bourbon added to it which would remind you of expansive ranches and of lazing around on a warm, summer day at one of these derbies. You can then make up a dixie julep out of mint syrup and peach bourbon and garnish it with fresh mint leaves for a jolt of freshness and rejuvenation. Add lots of ice to the cocktail so it becomes a delicious summer treat.

Honky Tonk Punch

A local honky tonk, or a place to have a quick drink abound in the American country and there are tons of songs which make references to these local joints. A honky tonk punch celebrates the appeal of these tunes and references and can be concocted using bourbon, cinnamon syrup, apple juice and a splash of soda.

Sweet Tea Moonshine

If there’s one drink that would remind you of the wonders of listening to country tunes at a local dive bar, it is a moonshine cocktail. Made out of sweet tea, lemon juice and just a hint of simple syrup, the drink is very pleasing and straightforward, quite like the folks on a ranch humming tunes while at work.

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