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Craft the Perfect Tea-Infused Cocktails for National Hot Tea Month

Craft the Perfect Tea-Infused Cocktails for National Hot Tea Month

With January being the National Hot Tea Month, it’s time to brew a quiet cuppa. And while you are at it, perhaps use the opportunity as an excuse to stir up something a bit more spirited. Mixing tea with alcohol is a contemporary take on the tea-brewing tradition. And with cocktails, you take creativity one step further to focus on enhancing the flavours of tea with a careful blend of spirits and mixers. Here’s a little dive into creating tea-infused cocktails that are sure to perk up your January evenings and dinner-table conversations. 

The Smoky Tea Toddy

Let’s start with something familiar yet with a smoky edge. Imagine the classic Hot Toddy, but instead of water, we’re steeping a bold Lapsang Souchong tea, known for its smoky depth. Mix this with a 30 ml pour of Talisker 10, a dash of honey for sweetness and a squeeze of lemon for that zest. Revisit fall with this warm concoction.

Earl Grey Martini

Ever thought tea could star in a martini? Infuse Earl Grey, with its distinctive bergamot zing, into a crisp Ketel One Vodka, say 30 ml. The result? A martini that's not just classy, it's got character. Shake it up with a dash of simple syrup and lemon juice and there you have it: a cocktail that's as suited for high tea as it is for happy hour.

Green Tea Gin Fizz: Refreshing Rejuvenation

Here’s where things get refreshing. Brew a strong green tea, let it cool and then mix it with 30 ml Tanqueray No. 10 renowned for its botanical profile. The green tea adds a subtle grassy note that complements the Tanqueray’s complexity. Add a little honey syrup and fresh lime juice, and top it off with soda water. This utterly refreshing drink feels like a new beginning with every sip—just what you need to start the year on a fresh note.

Chai Rum Punch

Imagine a pot of chai simmering on the stove, its spices wafting through the kitchen. Now, blend this aromatic brew with a smooth 30 ml of Captain Morgan dark rum, a drizzle of sweetened condensed milk and a dash of orange juice. Serve it warm and savour the notes of the rum, which add a lovely, rounded warmth. It’s two things Chai is well-loved for: comfort and joy in a mug.

Matcha Whisky Highball: A Vibrant Twist

Last but not least, let’s get a bit daring with a Matcha Whisky Highball. Whisk up some bright green matcha until it's frothy, then pour it over ice, adding a decadent 30 ml pour of Johnnie Walker Black Label. A splash of soda water and a twist of lemon provide a pretty finish to a delightful blend of earthy and peaty flavours.


As we embrace National Hot Tea Month, why not experiment with these cosy concoctions? Whether you're a tea aficionado, a cocktail enthusiast, or just someone looking for a new after-dinner delight, these blends promise a good dose of warmth and wonder.


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