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Your Cuba Libre Cocktail Needs This Homemade Cola Syrup

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Crafting your own cola syrup for a standout Cuba Libre might sound like something out of a mixologist’s diary, but we promise, it's totally doable at home. The beauty of making your own cola syrup lies in the customisation; you tweak it until it sings in harmony with your favourite rum. Here's a breakdown of how to whip up this magic potion, minus the mystical jargon.

Homemade Cola Syrup Simplified

Imagine taking the essence of cola—that familiar taste you know and love—and elevating it with your personal touch. The two main ingredients are equal parts sugar and water. For this recipe, use about two cups (or 450 ml) of each. You have the sweetness of cola, which we all crave, secured with these two things. Now, onto the spicy leg of our exercise: half a stick of cinnamon, a pinch of nutmeg, and a star anise for a familiar warmth. Next goes in the zest and juice of a large orange, a lime, and a lemon for that refreshing citrus touch, which keeps you reaching for more on a sweltering summer day. A final hint of vanilla extract brings a certain smoothness to this mix. If you are feeling daring, and this is completely optional, consider adding a dash of tamarind paste (not more than 10 ml) to give your cola a layer of tartness that makes your syrup different but slightly better.

Crafting the Ultimate Homemade Cola Syrup For Cuba Libre Cocktail

Now, it’s time to show patience and let these ingredients stew on the stove a little. Once the kitchen begins to smell like nostalgia, take the syrup off the heat.

Crafting the Cuba Libre

For the Cuba Libre, get your hands on the Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold. Setting a strong foundation for the cocktail with its signature warm, spicy undertones, this dark rum is a great pick. 

Whip up a refreshing Cuba Libre in seconds by mixing 60 ml of the rum with about 15 ml of your homemade cola syrup that’s been quietly waiting for its turn around the corner. Shake and pour the mixture into a highball glass, and add a generous squeeze of fresh lime. Top it off with sparkling water for fizz, and there you have it—the classic homemade Cuba Libre.

Now, in this house, the kitchen is the place for experiments. And if you like going the extra mile when hosting, consider infusing your cola syrup with some additional flavours. A classic vanilla bean infusion is great if you’re just starting to understand the cola game. Let a piece of vanilla bean steep in your syrup mixture while it simmers for a rich, feel-good flavour.

Crafting the Ultimate Homemade Cola Syrup For Cuba Libre Cocktail

For those who find it difficult to get a meal down without a can of cherry cola, adding a handful of pitted cherries to the mix can bring that irresistible fruity vibe to your drink.

The Final Touch

Serve your Cuba Libre in a highball glass, garnished with a lime wedge for that picture-perfect finish. What you've created isn’t just a drink; it’s a personalised experience. Your homemade cola syrup doesn’t just elevate the cocktail; it transforms it into something uniquely yours.

So there you have it—a guide to making your cola syrup and using it to craft a Cuba Libre that stands out from the crowd.

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