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Desserts Made Decadent: These Classic Treats Are Better With Baileys

Baileys Desserts

The name gives it away: this delectable liqueur was indeed created in Ireland. It was 1974, and the liqueur we now know as Baileys brought together Irish whiskey and dairy for the first time. The result was a warming, smooth and creamy liquid that gave new meaning to the word “rich”. 

Since those early days of its origins, Baileys Irish Cream has transcended borders, finding an ardent fan base around the world. Beyond its enjoyable flavour, which marries notes of vanilla and chocolate to that of fresh cream and of course, the mellowness of the whiskey, its popularity may also have something to do with its versatility: Baileys is the perfect addition to dessert recipes, turning delicious bites into sinful indulgences. 

If you’re wondering just what classic desserts could do with an addition of Baileys, we’ve compiled a list for you. Do try these at home!

The Baileys Cheesecake

Picture this: a velvety cream cheese filling, a melt-in-your-mouth buttery biscuit base, hints of vanilla and chocolate — this is the Baileys Cheesecake for you. The reason the liqueur works so well in this recipe is because the slight tang of the cream cheese is offset by the heady sweetness of the Baileys Irish Cream. 

Baileys Bread Pudding


Baileys Bread Pudding

This one is going to be a difficult read on an empty stomach, more so if you’re the sort of person who scans the desserts at a buffet to strategise your meal in a way that leaves the most room for this most important of courses. In all the multiverses that could possibly exist, there can’t be even one wherein soft bread soaked in Baileys Irish Cream and whole milk, doused in heavy cream, eggs, sugar and cinnamon, would be considered a less-than-stellar idea. Want to super-size the extravagance? Drizzle a bit of caramel on top!

Baileys Tiramisu

Baileys Tiramisu

Classic Italian dessert meets delightful Irish liqueur — if that isn’t the essence of perfection, we don’t know what is. This is another fabulous combination because the flavours are just such a natural fit. With each spoonful, you’ll be able to taste the invigorating coffee, mascarpone cheese, and the richness of Baileys. It’s a dessert sure to win the hearts of even those without a pronounced sweet tooth.

Baileys Chocolate Fondue

Baileys Chocolate Fondue

Who doesn’t love a good fondue, especially when it’s a bowl of gooey chocolate infused with a delicious, silky liqueur? The combination of Baileys Irish Cream, dark or semi-sweet chocolate, heavy cream and milk is all you need for the perfect date night dessert. Cut up some fresh strawberries and bananas, or slice some cake and arrange a few marshmallows on a platter, and there you go! A warm, chocolatey delight that will hit the right spot. 

Baileys Cupcakes

Anything with chocolate frosting is already great. But then, you add an extra dimension with Baileys Irish Cream and you’re in the presence of greatness. This is a wonderfully DIY dessert too, with any bakery-bought cupcake as the base. Then, depending on the kind of frosting you’d like, you can mix a recommended measure of Baileys with cream cheese (for a Red Velvet frosting) or with chocolate frosting, to pipe onto your cupcake. Whichever frosting style you choose, it’s going to be divine.

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