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These DIY Cocktail Stations Will Make Your Wedding Reception More Interactive And Fun

DIY Cocktail Stations: Interactive Fun at Wedding Receptions

You're about to tie the knot, and sure, vows are nice and all, but let's talk about what really gets the party started—the drinks. We're not just doing any old bar setup where the choice is beer or wine. We're going full-mad scientist meets bartender chic with DIY cocktail stations at your wedding. It's like giving your guests a lab coat and a shaker and watching the magic happen. Welcome to the ultimate mixology bash, where every sip is a story and your Aunt Marge gets to show off her secret talent for crafting the perfect gin fizz.

Gin’s the Thing

First stop: the gin station. Let's call it Gin’s the Thing. You’ll want to stock up on Tanqueray because, let’s face it, it’s a crowd-pleaser. Imagine a spread of tonics, from the usual suspects to some fancy elderflower-infused ones. But here’s the kicker: You’re also laying out a treasure trove of garnishes. Think slices of cucumber that are as cool as your Aunt Karen’s dance moves, sprigs of rosemary, and even some peppercorns for those who like a bit of a kick. It’s like building your own adventure, but in cocktail form.

DIY Cocktail Stations: Interactive Fun at Wedding Receptions

Whisky, Whisk Me Away

Now, for those who like their drinks with a bit of depth, welcome to Whisky, Whisk Me Away. Here’s where Johnnie Walker takes centre stage. You're laying out options from Black Label for that smoky intrigue to Double Black for an extra layer of mystery. Throw in mixers like ginger ale for a bit of fizz and a selection of bitters to add complexity. It’s less about following a recipe and more about letting your guests find their own whisky spirit animal.

Rum’s the Word

Nothing screams party like a good rum, so Rum’s the Word is your tropical escape. Captain Morgan Original Spiced Gold is your base, surrounded by an array of mixers that scream sunshine and good times—pineapple juice, coconut water, and maybe even a splash of lime soda. Then, get creative with the garnishes. Lime wedges, a dusting of cinnamon, or even a dash of nutmeg. It’s like giving your guests a one-way ticket to the beach.

The Vodka Vision

Vodka is the chameleon of spirits, perfect for a station that celebrates versatility. With Smirnoff as your foundation, provide an array of mixers, from cranberry juice to lemonade and tonic water to soda. Add-ins like fresh berries, mint leaves, and even pepper for the daring can spark creativity. Elegant signage suggesting a mix of 45 ml of vodka with their chosen mixers and garnishes can guide guests to craft their perfect sip.

DIY Cocktail Stations: Interactive Fun at Wedding Receptions

The Signature Sip Station

Finally, why not have a station dedicated to the couple's signature cocktails? This is a chance to share a bit of your story through flavors. Whether it's a sweet and spicy Love on the Beach with Ketel One Vodka, a dash of peach schnapps, and cranberry juice, or a bold and daring cocktail with Talisker 10 and blackberry liqueur, this station is deeply personal. Provide the recipes, but also the space for guests to tweak them, making the drink their own.
DIY cocktail stations aren't just about enjoying a drink. They're about engaging, experimenting, and making every sip a part of the celebration.

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