DIY Decor Ideas For A Rustic-themed Home Bar

By: Neelanjana Mondal

Rustic-themed bar

As you age like fine wine (or peg of the finest scotch!), you might be slowly gravitating from bar-hopping to enjoying the warm recesses of your home. And if you truly love your tipples, you will want a mini or (if space allows it) a grand bar to show off your love for quality booze. Or, if you are already there and want to give your home bar a makeover, try this rustic-themed home bar for a cosy feel and look. A rustic decor will have the feel and look of anything from a cowboy escapade to a cabin in the woods. You need a blueprint and you are the best hand to design one, or better grab someone who can design and feed them your ideas to bring your rustic-themed home bar to life.

Minimalism is key

Unlike modern bars that go all the way in adding stripes in brilliant hues, fancy art decor and shimmering lights and swing over a glossy table, minimalism is the call for a rustic-themed home bar. Think wooden panels, contrasting shades of mahogany, oak and walnut. The centerpiece will be the different shades of the liquor bottles and the decor should be enhancing that not downplaying it.


Brighten up the Backsplash

The backdrop serves as the overall feel of your bar so pick your backdrop well. Going for aged, lighter-coloured wooden panels, or a honeyed coloured combination to echo a cottage-core feel. Look at the larger theme and mentally plan this, use a design app or do a rough sketch until it fits your liking. Try different combinations until it feels just right. 

Install a sink

If you do not have one already, you should install a prep sink for all your cocktail experiments. Use it to fill ice trays, wash cocktail glasses, drain any mishaps and wash your hands off them, literally. It looks great and enhances the rustic charm of your home bar. Granite counters to support the sink (metal or otherwise) will fit in like the spots on a cheetah in this theme.

Add a chalkboard

This doesn't need to go on the display walls, it could be something that goes into a quiet corner but is still conspicuous. It should be whipped out during your home entertaining sprees where your guests get the immaculate vibes of a cosy but upscale bar. Chalk up something funny or just display your own signature cocktails that you want your guests to sample on it.

wooden furniture

Classy Furniture 

Just because it’s rustic doesn't mean you need to forsake comfort. Pick wood, keep it basic and add black leather to keep them comfortable for long conversations and comfortable bodies. Go for vinyl wood something that will contrast with the overall decor and feel inviting for the guest. It should stand out, not camouflage with the decor. 


This is what will make your bar look more homely, which is the essence of the rustic theme. Pick those old-fashioned black ceiling-hanging lights or go with the spotlight lights. You could also use a combination of the two – using the hanging lights over the countertops, where the drinks get served and the spotlights on the liquor shelves.

Install Shelves

Display your liquor collection on neatly hammered shelves; a few shelves could tilt to accommodate wine bottles that look beautiful when they are leaning. Don’t go overboard and make sure they align well with the lighting you install for your home bar. Install hooks and socket-like slits at the bottom or top of these shelves to hang beer mugs and other cocktail glasses you will be displaying.

rustic countertops


Make space for the bartending tools and add drawers and shelves below your countertops, so you don't turn into a bumbling ninny trying to juggle being a host and looking for a peeler. Spare spaces hurt no one; there is no harm in building strange units that can hold extra glasses, bar equipment and ingredients that don’t stain your space.

Art and displays

The rustic theme calls for paintings that reflect the charm of the quaint home bar. It’s your space, you get to pick your art, we will keep mum on this one. However, more pieces that are varnished wood or something like a faux deer head will fit in well with this kind of theme. Casks and barrels kept on the counter or in the corner will also be a good addition.

Neon bar sign

If you like being extra you could just name your bar and get that done in a neon light to add at the centre of your bar wall. If that does not sound like you, a pineapple wearing sunglasses or something scrawled like cocktails could also be added.

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