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Easy Cocktail Recipes with Citrus Wheels For Exciting House Party

Amplify Your Cocktail Recipes Cover

You can not deny the significance of citrus wheels for delicious and easy cocktail recipes. Whether at home or as a bartender, you must know about different citrus fruits that go perfectly with different cocktail options. Other than very common citrus fruits like lemon and limes, the varieties are endless. Let us help you through this blog know about the different flavours of citrus fruits.

Top Citrus Flavours for Your Next House Party

If you want to elevate the charm of your house party, make the cocktails unique. One of the ways to do that is by opting for diverse citrus fruits.

1. Dashing Blood Orange

Yuzu - The Zesty Japanese WonderThese oranges have slightly red-orange skin and red flesh that tastes a bit sweeter than the navel oranges. This citrus flavour can offer your cocktail a luscious rosy appearance. You may counter the sweetness of your Ketel One vodka-based cocktail with lime or lemon juice.

2. Aromatic Makrut Lime

This Southeast Asian citrus fruit is significantly popular for adding a unique taste to the cuisines. These fruits have fragrant leaves and skin that can undoubtedly taste like any cocktail you make. The aromatic oil in the makrut lime peels can bring the drink an exotic and refreshing feel.

3. Juicy Meyer Lemon

Bergamot The Fragrant Italian DelightMeyer lemons are famous for their juicer and tender flavour. However, their peel contains magic, offering a unique aromatic flavour and lemony feel. You can either use it in muddled cocktails or twist in your drinks. You can use this citrus wheel in your cocktail recipe to serve your guests an uncommon drink.

4. Italian Bergamot

Sudachi The Versatile Japanese GemEven though popular for adding an uncommon aroma to the early grey tea, this Italian citrus fruit is distinctive for its tangy and bitter taste. Due to its complex flavour, bergamot can go perfectly with a wide range of drinks. You may infuse your martini cocktail with Bergamot juice for a twist and let yourself enjoy the party.

5. Japanese Sudachi Flavour

Sudachi - a Japanese fruit with a strong acidic taste and bright colour, is often hailed as one of the top cocktail mixers. You may opt for Ketel One vodka and create a new cocktail with Sudachi. Its zesty flavour adds a refreshing touch to the drink. You can feel the tanginess on your palette and relish the extensive taste in your mouth.

6. Uncommon Buddha’s Hand

This fruit is unlike many other citrus gems for its size and appearance. This unique fruit turns out a great garnish material for easy cocktail recipes. You may even use it as peeled or twisted in your drink. You can feel the aroma of the fragrant essential oils in the drink when the peels are sufficiently squeezed.

Summing Up
These are some of the top citrus gems you can try mixing in the cocktails of your house party. While common citrus fruits are essential to make cocktails, these hidden gems can astoundingly twist the flavour of the drinks. Utilize these fruits and leave your guests wanting more at your party.

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