Easy Cocktail Recipes With Creative Ice

Creative Ice In Cocktails Shapes, Techniques, And Effects

The ice plays a catalytic role in whether you want to sip whisky or a vodka cocktail. Ice not only ensures a cool temperature for your drink but also adds an aesthetic feel to your drink. If you are a bartender, you know how adding ice to the drinks makes people enjoy them more.

If you are a newbie to this field, this blog will help you understand the ice in the cocktails at bar.

Types of Ice in the Popular Cocktails

The size and shape of the ice play a significant role in making a cocktail. You might have noticed different cocktails at bar served with different types of ice. Let us learn about these ice options and their use in the drinks.

1. Single big cube

Let’s start with the most common ice option - single big ice cubes. This kind of ice lets you enjoy your drink slowly and allows you to taste the drink uniformly for over 20 minutes at least. Whether you are drinking a Moscule Mule or Old Fashioned cocktail, you may enjoy them the best with these ice cubes. You can shake it occasionally to add some textures to the drink.

2. Regular ice cube

Regular ice cubes are the shapes and sizes of common ice cubes found even at homes. Many prefer drinking their gin, tonic or Ketel One vodka with regular ice cubes. These cubes help accentuate the carbonation process of the cocktails.

3. Ice balls

Ice balls are perfect for straight spirits or cocktails such as Moscow Mule in lowball glasses. The sphere of these ice makes them more aesthetically appealing. These are known to melt slower than normal ice cubes, and keep adding a perfect blend of cool and room temperature in your drink.

4. Crushed ice

It is yet another popular ice choice for cocktails at bar. Bartenders around the world often use this ice type for a wide range of drinks such as Mint Julep, Frozen Daiquiri or any other drink with a slush-like consistency. Crushed ice in the cocktails enhances the refreshing feel and adds texture to the bar drinks.

5. Collin spears

Collin spears are rather uncommon ice that the bartenders seldom use. However, their unusual size and shape can make your Moscule Mule one of the best cocktails. You may find them in the cocktails served in the tall glasses. The slow melting process ensures a perfect drink to enjoy for some time.

6. Dry ice

You will hardly find a bar that doesn’t use dry ice to make your cocktail look exceptional. The dry ice doesn’t affect the flavour or feel of the drink, but they are known for keeping your bar drinks cool. Cocktails such as Professor’s Poisoned Apple use Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whisky, or Vampire’s Kiss contains dry ice for the exotic presentation.

Summing Up
These are some top ice options that you will find in your cocktails. Whether you relish a Ketel One vodka-flavoured cocktail or straight whiskey, the ice will bring aesthetic pleasure as you hold the glass and touch it to your lips.

Try a refreshing Johnnie Walker Black Label Blended Scotch Whisky-based cocktail at home with a few single ice cubes and feel the taste unfold gradually in your mouth.

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