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Essential Spring Hosting Guide For A Perfect Spring Gathering

Spring Hosting Guide

Impromptu get-togethers, garden parties and al fresco spring brunches. As the days get lighter and the temperature rises, so does the excitement of hosting friends and family at home. That's right, spring has sprung, and we are ready for it! Whether you're hosting a big bash or a chilled thing, we have the perfect spring hosting tips, and botanical bar hacks to help wow your guests. From unique spring cocktail recipes to batching, our spring party ideas will make your soiree an unforgettable one for all the right reasons.

Your Ultimate Guide To Spring Hosting

1. Get the garden party started

garden party
We all love that feeling when the weather is perking up and you’re having friends over for Pimm’s or maybe gin cocktails with nibbles in the garden. Spring hosting is a great way to show off your space and all the work you've done for your garden. Of course, this is weather dependent as we all know Spring rain is a thing. So, it's probably a good idea to consider some sort of shelter, so you won't have to cancel. Dress your garden for the occasion with bunting, potted plants and floral arrangements. You could even try making paper flower decorations yourself. This will help set the mood for your event while giving it a unique touch. But don't worry too much about getting everything perfect. Be creative and experiment with the spring party decoration but don't forget to have fun.

2. Host a Spring BBQ

Who doesn't love a BBQ? As the weather's getting warmer and the holiday weekends are approaching, why not host one? They're the perfect way to spend a spring day celebrating any occasion over some delicious food and cocktails. Fire up the barbecue to cook hotdogs and chicken wings for meat eaters, and vegan burgers or skewers for non-meat eaters (yum!). Oh, and make sure you're pairing your food with the right drinks. With cocktails, you'll want to match the flavour profiles of your dish. Try organising a few casual fun things for people to do while you're flipping the burgers and people are waiting for their food. You can try setting up a DIY cocktail garnish bar in the garden stocked with various fresh fruits, herbs, and other cocktail ingredients for guests to customise their cocktail recipes. Just remember to have alcohol-free drinks on offer too so people can pick what fits their mood.

3. Batch your spring cocktails and relax

spring cocktails
Yes, you're the host, but you can't greet guests, keep an eye on the cooking, listen to grandad and make sure everyone's cocktail is topped up at the same time. Well, you can, but how stressful would that be? Not only will you be stuck in the kitchen because you're making each drink à la minute, but you're also not really enjoying yourself or catching up with any of your guests. This is why batching your perfect spring cocktails is the way to go. Batched cocktails are a great way to keep your party guests happy and topped up at all times. You can make them in advance and serve in large vessels, so you won't have to worry about making drinks all night long. Prep all drinks in advance, so you have more time to hang out with your guests. Pimm's, Sangria and Gin cocktails mixed with fruit juices and soda water are always winners for warm-weather celebrations. And don't forget the cocktail garnishes, and make sure you have enough ice!  

Remember to stay hydrated when enjoying drinks in the afternoon sun at a BBQ. Switch up your drinks and enjoy a tasty non-alcoholic alternative. They're just as delicious!

4. Make Insta-worthy fruity cocktails

Pretty up your cocktails with fruit and herb garnish to add texture and colour to your drinks. Strawberries go well with vodka or gin cocktails because they add sweetness and flavour without being too overpowering. And oranges are better for drinks like Margaritas because they give off more acidity than other fruits when mixed with tequila. Serve alcohol-free drinks, too for your friends who fancy mixing things up or prefer not to drink alcohol. All you need are a few finishing touches like edible flowers, cocktail garnishes, decorative ice cubes and statement glassware. You could take the fruit vibe to another level with alcohol-infused fruit skewers. You can make them with whatever kinds of fruit, from strawberries to pineapple chunks or slices of mango. They're a cocktail and an appetiser in one bite.

5. Gin has sprung

Gin has sprung
You love gin, we love gin, everyone loves gin. The infused botanicals give it a unique flavour, but they're not always juniper berries; other ingredients like coriander, citrus, and spices can also be added. Should you serve it at your spring soiree? How could you not? The number of delicious gin cocktails you can make, like Elderflower Spritz, Gin & Tonics, and a Tom Collins is endless. You can play around with syrups and cocktail garnish with a dash of hibiscus, a sprig of lavender or rose petals for extra brownie points. Consider setting up a Gin & Tonic bar as an interactive experience for your guests. Try stocking up on gins like Tanqueray or Gordon's and fresh citrus fruits like limes or oranges for the garnishes. Your friends can choose their own combination, and you could even turn this into a spring cocktail mix-off.